Liyoness ban appeal

  • Nickname: Liyones
    Username: dhiamlaih
    Ban Date: 15.9.2019
    Banned By: @Ardron
    Your MTA:SA serial: 3C4BAAB374DC61D2EC0E3ECCB9BA1844
    Ban Reason: Rulebreak rules
    Why should we unban you?: I got a lesson which i learned, so i know i have to stick to rules and to follow them with out any breaking.I got enough time to change and i said to my-self i will not break rules again and i want to be unbanned and i can play SAES again with out any secrets and rulebreaking , i want to start by throwing a great salute to all the staff team and i want to say i'm so sorry about what happened , i really learnt from my mistakes, and my retard behaviours, i must respect all players whatever the job or the rank , we’re all humans so we must to give respect to get respect, add to that i'm so patient, that’s why i took the decision of applying to get unbanned because i'm sure that i’ll never disrespects anyone , never brakes rules .

  • You can be unbanned on 1st June 2020.

    If you end up receiving another ban after this, we will ban you from all our services permanently without appeal.

  • This post is deleted!