Prestige points.

  • With the current state of gang/squad/company based activities, the idea of prestige points will be a huge plus point.
    But what's prestige points?
    Basically when you reach the elite status which as of now is level 5, you are done with achievements as getting level 5 now is the only achievement g/s/c's focuses on. Arguments can be made stating that there can be other achievements such as fame, respect and a whole lot of other things. Prestige points can change that. After reaching the elite status, you hitting the reset point or in simple words, go back to being level 0, then start from the start again. Although this time, you can use the prestige points you gathered so far to get increased rewards of your choice. How that works will be discussed below. Continuing from our last sentence, yes, you can get increased rewards at each level and you can do it as many as times as you want but getting level 5 thus reaching elite status will only allow you to do so.
    Let's discuss the rewards, as I've said it will be an increased reward than usual but not that much. There can be increased ammo, or gang-locked vehicles and so on, this depends on the GM team completely aswell as the points tracking and distributing matters.
    This is just my own and own opinion only and it can change according the server's feedback but as said in the starting, this can change the server from what it is now it has that much potential.

  • Prestige points cant give you respect, it is something you earn through time. But with that every lvl 5 gang will go to lvl 0? This is just what I think anyway.

  • Question. Why?
    Literally... Why?
    And again... Why?

    Now if getting serious on this matter. Going back to level 0 would be straight ahead stupid. Unless you can somehow implement things which can't be accomplished by any other way it's very pointless... If a g/s/c is level 5 they will almost instantly get re-ranked, and if they are inactive they won't even bother doing such a thing...
    When it comes to "respect" 0 points will help you. The only way to earn respect is by earning it between the players, not with some miserable points who will probably no one even care about. So, Last time I say this in this post, I promess... WHY?!

  • I've never said anyting regarding respect with these points did I?
    Also starting from scratch and actually working for the g/s/c again together like a team will be better than just staying in level 5 always no?

  • Sorry.. I'll have to break my promess. WHY?, couldn't hold back.. I know, I know. I'm a terrible guy.

    Now once again... How will it improve teamwork if you're literally making them pass through over an over a thing which they've already accomplished. As I said, the squads that are level 5 now will mainly keep their levels even with such a thing implemented, it won't be easy for them but they will accomplish it without any issue at all. This would make any sort of new g/s/c nearly impossible. It's tough enough already, and there's no need to make it harder for them. I don't even see that this would rise in any way the activity, as the worst that could happen is that the players would simply get back with their squad once in a while, get to level 5 and forget about it.. So.. No.
    PS: I managed to avoid another "why", yey!

  • It's not like it's a must for every g's'c's. They will have the choice to stay at elite status and forget about this points thing but the other ones that are interested can make a move.

  • You really seem at this point to be ignoring straight ahead any of the arguments I've made, so I won't bother going any further then just a simple addition.

    This will make life harder for new g/s/c's and won't even be noticed by current level 5 orgs.

  • @Nirjhor wants to add PayDay 2 things on saes.
    Honestly from my point thats a good idea.Gangs/Squads will be able to show that they didnt got level 5 for nothing and will be able to show that they're still active and good to get it again with additional rewards.

  • It won't by any chance will have any impact on new gangs, and yeah, there are gangs or squads that will do it. You are only looking at it from your own perspective but from the server's perspective, it's more than what you think.

  • Wouldn't it be simpler to add more levels?

  • If to get back to level 0 would be g/s/c choice whose g/s/c would choose to get demoted to level 0 and climb up again????

  • That's their choice as I've said, furthermore, rather than just staying at elite status whilst doing nothing, this is better.