Dynasty Crime Organization
By Seth, in Groups

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    Group Name : Dynasty Crime Organization
    Group Tags : [DCO]Name[RANK]
    Group Wannabe Tags : Name[DCO-H]
    Group Motto : We do which no one dares to do
    Group Color Code : #d11400
    Group Type/Role : Underground Crime Organization (Criminalization)
    Group Founder and Leader : Seth
    Group Spawn : San Ferrio > Criminal > Pick Pocket
    Group Date Of Creation : 29th/June/2018
    Group Media Archive : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/1773/dynsaty-crime-organization-media-archive
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    Temple, Los Santos - 10th-Oct-2010
    Its all started in 2002 when Seth was 13 year old and was living with his parents, Seth's dad was a businessman while his mother was a teacher, Seth was also studing in the same school.
    10th Oct, 2002, It was a morning time and Seth was sick so Seth was taking rest at home while his dad and mom were going at there work, While in the way Seth parents go killed by few police officers. Seth got 50,000$ from the ensurance company, Seth was sad. The house got owned by his relatives and Seth start living like a slave,
    Seth parent's were not the only one who got killed by the corrupted cops, Seth was having a lot of friends in school and street whose parent's got killed by the cops. Seth was so sad and decided to take the money and leave the home, Seth took all his friend whose parents were killed by cops and other corrupted law enforcements.
    There was a street gang know as Dynastic War, Seth went to the boss of the gang and told him everything and ask him that all of us want to be a gangster, We want to take revenge from the cops and from this governaments. We will take revenge from the cops and rich peoples who killed our dad. Dynastic's leader know what happen to Seth and his friends so he accepted the deal to train all of them to become the most strongest criminals in the San Andreas, everyone gave Dynastic's boss money they have which they got from the ensureance company,
    8 years later,
    Seth was now 21 year old, Seth and all of his friends were now completely trained and were more stronger than San Andreas Army, either its Navy seals or Army Commando, Seth and all his friends were way more stronger than them. Sadly 6 years ago Dynastic gang died after they lost all there turf but still Dynastic Boss still trained Seth and his friends cause he know Seth and his friends were having the power to take the crime rate to the peak, After the training when Seth and his friends came out and start looking for gangs to join but no one was interested in them, Seth decided to create his own group who will fight take the crime to its peak but it wasn't that easy.
    Seth and his friends did Bank Robberies, Store Robberies, House robberies, Attacked at events, raid army and Law enforcements's bases, This helped Seth and his friends to increase repuatation and fear in the peoples of the San Andreas. After doing criminal activities constantly more and more people joined Seth,
    Now Seth was having a lot of friends who was willing to be in his group. It was the time when Seth created "Dynasty Crime Organization" and it was time for the crime to be at its peak.
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    Dynasty Crime Organization is an underground crime organization, Our mission is to take crime rate from its highest peak, Our role includes :

    Robberies : The best and easiest way to increase the crime rate and increase fear in the people of San Andreas, We do Robberies such as Bank robbery, Store Robbery, House Robbery etc. We also help other crime organizations and criminals to do such criminal activities. We give our complete assistance at any robbery.
    Killing and Kidnapping : We don't kill and Kidnap on contracts, We only kill or kidnap anyone who is our enemy, we dont like him or he dont like us. We have trained snipers and shooters who kill civilians, cops and criminals in any time either its day or night, We have professinal kidnappers who kidnap civilians, criminals and cop at anytime and anyplace. We usually do kidnapping to get the secret information, to exchange the person with money, or if its girl we kidnap them and rape them and then kill them so our fear in the peoples of the San Andreas increase more and more and stay forever. If we dont kill a girl after rape we sell them as Prostitude.
    Random Crimes : We also do and particiapte in radnom crime activities such as Jail Breaking, Attacking at random events, Snatching money, mobiles, Robbing cars etc. We do these Random crimes to increase our fear in peoples of the San Andreas.
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    What we do ? What is our mission and why we are here ?
    Dynasty Crime Organization is underground Crime organization. Our mission and goal is to increase the crime activities in San Andreas to do that we do and particiapte in criminal activities. What we do is :
    Robberies and Robberies assistance : We do robbery activities such as Store Robberies, Public Bank Robberiers. We also give assistance at Store Robberies, Public Bank Robberiers and Bank robberiers anytime. We always try our best to protect criminal activities from the cops and other law enforcements organizations.
    Jail Breaking : We also do Jail Breaks whenever its required and whenever we want to do Jail break, we try our best to break out all the criminal successfully. We also come for assistance at Jail Break if needed or if cops are trying to take over the Jail Break we also give Jail Break assistances.
    TurfWar assistance : We also do Turf War assistance only for our allies or on request. We never participate in TurfWars random without permission, We always take permission from our allies to particiapte in TurfWars and make sure that the opposing gang wont be able to take over the Turf or able to defend their Truf.
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    Level 5 - Commander (Leader)
    Tags : [DCO]Name[C]

    Level 4 - Vice Commander (Vice Leader)
    Tags : [DCO]Name[vC]

    Level 4 - Captainate
    Tags : [DCO]Name[CPT]
    @Braindead , @ziad

    Level 3 - Colonenlo
    Tags : [DCO]Name[CLO]

    Level 3 - Generalate
    Tags : [DCO]Name[G]

    Level 2 - Soldier
    Tags : [DCO]Name[S]

    Level 1 - Lieutant
    Tags : [DCO]Name[LT]

    Level 0 - Novice
    Tags : [DCO]Name[N*]
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    As being part of Dynasty Crime Organization or wannabe part of Dynasty Crime Organization you must have to follow these following rules :
    1 : You must follow all the server rules and you must have knowledge of servers main rules (You can find the rules of the server SAES:RPG by press F1 while you are in game. The rules are given in multiple languages)
    2 : You repuation must be good in game, Don't get rage or talk trash in main chat (Annoying/Angry/Childish behaviour will cause you warn or instant kick)
    3 : Don't wear Dynasty Crime Organization's Tags while you are spawned as Cop. Remove the tags (If wearing) before you spawned as cop)
    4 : Don't arrest your own group member. If you leak the information of group criminal activities will cause you instant kick and blacklisted. You will never be able to participate or join Dynasty Crime Organization.
    5 : Always follow HQ Team orders. It will increase the chance of promotion (Never ask for promotion, it will decrease the chances and you can also get demote or warning)
    6 : If anyone Death Match (Killing player with no reason), then dont Death match him back, Just take Screen Shots and report him. Read the rules of the server for more information about the rules. If you caught any member breaking rule of the server / Group then tell the HQ team.
    7 : Don't spam the binds of the Dynasty Crime Organization.
    8 : You must can speak english a little bit good, Always speak English in main chat and in party of Dynasty Crime Organization.
    9 : Always try your best at criminal activities, Stay with your group instead of attacking anyone at criminal activity alone.
    10 : Post RolePlays/Events/Activities at the media archive of the the group.
    11 : Always follow the rules of the server and Dynasty Crime Organization. If any member got caught by HQ team breaking rules of both server or DCO then he will be warned or instant kick . If any member see any member of the group breaking rule then report HQ team with Screen Shots.
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    If you are interested in join us then apply here,
    Here is the application Format, fill it and post it down below :

    Ingame Name :
    Account Name :
    How long you have been playing SAES ? :
    Your On Hours ? :
    Current Gang/Squad/Company :
    Current Group :
    Did you ever got banned or admin jailed ? if yes then how many time and the reason :
    Had you read all the rules of the server and the group ? :
    Your Role Play skills ? Rate ?/10 :
    Can you speak english ? Rate ?/10 :
    Why you are interested in Dynasty Crime Organization ? :
    Write a small Role Play story (Must be match with our RolePlay) :

    After posting the application down below on the comment section, wear Name[DCO-H] tags in game and hang out and participate in Dynasty Crime Organization as much as you can. If you were worth to join us then you will be tested.

    After Reviewing your application and taking test (If you passed the application step) then we will have following answers we will give according to the appliction and test :
    ACCEPTED : This mean you worth to be one of us and you have successfully had passed your application and Test.
    PENDING : This mean your application is not good either you are not hanging with us in game, the reason will be given with answer.
    DENIED : This mean you dont worth to be one of us, There can be multiple reason so the reason will be given with the answer.

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  • Ingame Name :scoore
    Account Name :scoore0
    How long you have been playing SAES ? :2 years
    Your On Hours ? :210
    Current Gang/Squad/Company :i joined squad ICE and QRF \ I joined gang BBMC and NL and RAMK and MK
    Current Group :i leader group FL fast limo and i joined group and i making test for group SA-RS
    Did you ever got banned or admin jailed ? if yes then how many time and the reason :no
    Had you read all the rules of the server and the group ? :yes i did
    Your Role Play skills ? Rate ?/10 :9/10
    Can you speak english ? Rate ?/10 :8/10
    Why you are interested in Dynasty Crime Organization ? :bec this good group and i hope join and i love alll in this group and i love Everyone loves this group bec this group have all thing i want be with me and i love seth and seth my friend and i know this group be best group and i making rps and events bec be this group up lvl fast .[ i love OCD]
    Write a small Role Play story (Must be match with our RolePlay) : while DCO was new it was want to plant fear in every citizens heart so it started to house rob, bank robbery, store robbery, kidnap and killing and while they was at their base they hear that there is someone from SWAT is saying that he is not scared from DCO and DCO is a punch of stupid criminals then we was angry and we was want to teach him a lesson then we kidnapped him and took him to somewhere and then we got our camera and scared this SWAT police officer to do not miss with us and we shared the video on youtube so everyone can see that this cop is a cower

  • @scoore said in Dynasty Crime Organization:

    Ingame Name :scoore
    Account Name :scoore0

    @scoore You are Pending right now, Please fix your application a little bit. I am not saying you don't worth to be DCO but fix the application, Wear Name[DCO-H]Name tags and hang out with our members, participate in DCO's activities and last thing don't ask again and again to check my application or anything related to the application stuff, Fix your application and hang out with us.
    Commander ~ Seth

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  • @scoore said in Dynasty Crime Organization:

    Ingame Name :scoore
    Account Name :scoore0

    @scoore DENIED, I didn't seen any changes in your application after i told you to edit your application little bit, Re-apply after 2 days if you are still interested.

    Can you speak english ? Rate ?/10 :8/10

    I don't see your English is 8/10. Don't lie about yourself.