• My suggestion here is pretty simple and I will provide an example within my context.
    So what I'm looking forward to implement is some sort of a command that can ease the process of respawning, further explanation can be found below:

    how we interact with the current system without the use of the command:

    alt text

    how can the command actually assist us in the process:

    alt text

    Ex: /respawn 10 <--- indicating that "10" is the amount of times that you want to respawn within the same role, so, if you are an officer, once you die, you will immediately spawn back without having to interfere with the spawn panel.

    Why I felt the need for a such command? Well, simply because I was roaming around as an officer and as many of you guys already know, dying is to be expected every now and then, because of that, the spawn panel started to bore me as well as in some cases, delay the process of respawning by a nice amount, it became repetitive to me and I didn't feel like the need to interact with it whenever I need to respawn knowing that dying is a recurring event (which can occur every minute or two).

  • You can already respawn super fast.


  • i agree with @Ikzelf i mean your suggestion would of been very good if we didn't have that 'respawn at last spawn' button but since we do i think this is not necessary

  • @Ikzelf @protonyt looks to me its hardware reliant then, if that's the case for the majority then this topic may be marked as solved.
    Normally takes me around three to four seconds to actually respawn which is weird considering I have a gaming PC.

  • What if we use it only for hospitals tho everytime we use it we spawn at hospital and not houses

  • I don't think this will be considered as a thing or someone will spend some time to script this and add it.. because simply the difference between these two actions is couple of seconds which won't matter or effect on anything.

  • And a no because cops already coming back every second let them spend at least 5 secs for respawn in case you can reload

  • A better solution would be somthing like "Press H to respawn at last spawn " the moment u die or something like that so you can just spam that button.

  • Imagine being arrested by a cop that you just killed 0.00001 sec ago
    pure cancer