DM for no reason (Tritosh) - Lorch

  • Hello , iam Lorch , i was playing as cop in 13/4/2020 , iam reporting here the TT thug TRITOSH for Dming me for no reason , i reported ingame but no one responded so i decided to make a long report about it and detail more and more about this case .......

    Case story : at night time , a BR occured in BC , went there as cop and arrested with the cops , after the BR ended and crims started getting out , i wasnt chasing them and i was far away from the bank with a TT member named Rykila , we were chilling until TRITOSH got out of nowhere and shot my car and killed me (Dmed me for no reason) from a very far distance

    my Defense : i got alot of reasons that this DM is a clear rulebreak and i wasnt even intenting to arrest that guy , i was chilling at that time with rykila and he started shooting me for no reason , i was far away from TRITOSH though i didnt even chase him and i was standing in my place and not doing a single move i told him : Dont , but he didnt listen though he started shooting me to death , took BR as a reason to kill me and even lied about that i was chasing him or trying to arrest him though , i got pictures proving that i never chased or tried to catch him , he killed me from far distance for no reason though , in the pictures , i took ss of him shooting me , but not rykila (TT thug) cuz he was in the burned police car By TRITOSH , i didnt shoot tritosh , and i didnt taze him even i was so far away from him didnt show any move to arrest him , totally not wanting to get him
    Pictures : /// /// ///

    what Tritosh did wrong in this case : he dmed me for no reason , he chased me , it wasnt me who chased him or tried to get him , i never approached him , i was in my police car with rykila , then he showed up and destroyed my police car , and killed me and nuked that police car , rykila died too in car explosion

    Remark : you can ask rykila about what happenned , and he will tell you the same thing iam saying right now , i wasnt even intenting to chase him out , he came and destroyed my car and killed me for no reason , CLEAR DM rulebreak , though i was far away from him (Rykila was with me inside the police when the DM happenned at BC , in the moment exactly , he was sitting in passenger seat and i was driving the police car until he showed up)
    Note : Rykila was unwanted with no stars

  • First you try to arrest me for 3 times in a row then you comeback, drive next to me and as soon as i shoot you, you try and drive away? Grow up.

  • I am absolutely loving the fact you continue to make these topics in the archive already Lorch, like you know where we're going to dump them.

    You made the stupid mistake of actually submitting your report, along with your damage logs, logs which clearly show you chasing and arresting multiple criminals the minute before Tritosh kills you.

    alt text

    Try harder Lorch, next fake report though and you wont be given the opportunity to make any more.