Kristiina's application for SAHA

  • Your ingame username: twister
    Your ingame alias: Kristiina
    Your year of birth: 1997
    Your gender: Female

    Nationality: Finnish
    Country of residence: Finland

    How long you have been playing SAES: Since 2012
    Qualities you can offer: I am a friendly and mature person, with a lot of experience on the server. I have learned a lot in the many years spent here, including managing groups of people, sorting issues, helping out people where it was needed. I am active daily on the server, I have enough time to offer out of my game time to do something for the community that I have been part of for all these years. I have no issues working in teams, so teamwork is quite an important quality for me. I am a very calm person, I can talk with people easily, so communication is another key quality which I can offer, both in the way of dealing with housing regarding players and with communicating with fellow teammates regarding different issues or stuff that requires cooperation with other saha or staff members.
    Your weaknesses: I sometimes take too many things on my responsibility, wanting to do as much as I can, which can sometimes be overwhelming

    Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): SAHA

    Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

    Reason for application: I have spent a lot of time on the server, over 8 years, and I think I have acquired the necessary experience and maturity on the server to step it up to the next level, and also offer something back to the community. Also, I have always provided in game activity, even outside this period with coronavirus

    Server Memberships: P~B as normal member, Cuban Cars as HQ, Secret Service as agent

    Additional information: I am Kristiina, 22 years old, living in Finland. I enjoy fishing, walking my dogs, outdoors and gaming.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have alot of troll punishments in my history but only 1-4 are legit from the start of my SAES career
    Previous (legitimate) bans: None

    Do you eat pork: Yes

  • Your application feels lacking, could've added more into it.
    Unfortunately you didn't make the cut this time
    Hopefully we'll be able to see you apply again next time around with better results.

    alt text

    Although it's really because the clan can only have one part of a couple in it at the same time, Ardron already took that spot :crank:

    P.S. Daryl and Kain don't count, we all know they're a couple but started their thing after they were both in