[POLL] Small RP-Only area

  • @smeevil What sort of rules are you trying to suggest? Like a non-abuse kind of rule?

    What I am suggesting is the fact that the player that eventually want to RP because obviously it is not impellent to do, would be able to add some decors that for example ZIP use or SAI in a role-play.
    But I don't really think that changing or adding any specific rules would have any kind of useful aspect, obviously some basic rules should be applied, but I don't really get the point of ''varies violations in certain situations''. I mean there aren't any interdiction in a role-play are there?

    And yes I do think the map is what we lack of, i mean this is the main purpose of this suggestion to add a map specifically made for RP..
    People cannot RP proprely if some other players come arrest you because you have 2 stars (even though it's always good to not have any wanted level in order to do an RP but still..) or random people ramming into you by accident.

  • @Henry said in [POLL] Small RP-Only area:

    Could be done with a simple warp of course

    I highly support this idea due to the plenty RPs we had back in FC:RP and it would be nice to somehow try bringing back some RP to the server, for those who enjoy it of course.

    What if it was a warp directly to Fort Carson for example, since there was already a "city" mapped there, we could build some walls/fences around the whole Bone County to prevent people from spreading to far and still giving plenty of space for RPing (at least for now during experimental time) since that dimension would be for RP only i guess.

    Also as mentioned before would be really nice if any player could have acess to some few objects (flare,white package,small barrier and money for example) and with a object number limit to prevent some abuse.

  • Well, without a proper rulebook and administration, I can assure you that 90% of the people who decide to RP will either metagame or powergame the shit out of it. SO in case this project gets a chance at life, there has to be somek ind of Staff of proper RPers assigned to administrate and keep everything under control 😃