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  • "All of my enemies started out friends"
    Song: The Archer
    Artist: Taylor Swift

  • "And if we never hit the ground keep our head up in the clouds we will make it somehow"
    Song: Who the fuck is NEFFEX
    Artist: Neffex

  • "Baba, pour ton sourire, j’donnerais ma vie et p’t-être même ma place au paradis"
    Song: Zoulou tchaing
    Artist: PNL

  • So baby girl lets do this on the floor :honk:

  • Whatever happened to the things we said (to the things we said)
    And now I'm walking on my own instead

    I feel like it describes it better than grabbing one sentence from it

    Song: Poison
    Artist: Global Dan

  • Do not like someone you suspect will betray you and stab you on your back
    Song: Love Yourself
    Artist: Justin Bieber

  • Jesse cant leaaaaaaaad, Rose cant roooooooooob
    Artist: Bachwa

  • Song: The Message
    Artist: Nas
    But uhm, a thug changes and love changes, and best friends become strangers...

  • Song: Pretty Woman Lover
    Artist: Joe Exotic
    Lyrics: “I'm a pretty woman lover; I'm an ugly woman's dream"

  • Song: Ball w/o you
    Artist: 21 Savage
    Lyrics: I'd rather have loyalty than love
    'Cause love really don't mean jack (Straight up)
    See love is just a feeling
    You can love somebody and still stab them in the back
    It don't take much to love
    You can love somebody just by being attached (21)
    See loyalty is an action
    You can love or hate me and still have my back (Facts)

  • Song: BONNIE & CLYDE
    Artist: LOREDANA

  • Song: One Day (Fastoche Remix)
    Artist: Matisyahu
    Lyrics: The lyrics are a beautiful and meaningful but the ones are incredible

    All my life I've been waiting for
    I've been praying for
    For the people to say
    That we don't wanna fight no more
    They'll be no more wars
    And our children will play