TaJ’s application for CS

  • Your ingame username: taj125
    Your ingame alias: TaJ
    Your year of birth: 2001
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Indian
    Country of residence: Canada

    How long you have been playing SAES: Since I were 10.. 2011. But been inactive for afew years in between; pretty active since 2015 onwards. However, currently inactive but will be back as soon as stores open and I grab my laptop.
    Qualities you can offer: Not currently, however “Activity” may stay at top of the list. Moreover, I believe to have good communication skills and friendly behaviour which I personally find very important in a SAES staff. Apart from that I know a lot about the server and the rules, hence potential enough to help the new players and pretty much anyone. I also have a good sense of serving justice learned from experience of leading a group with quite a controversial history altogether, hence I forever try to do what’s right, not beneficial to myself.
    Your weaknesses: Activity right now fits this criteria of weaknesses too, but not for long. Secondly I’d like to include that I don’t have a lot of knowledge regarding scripting and such, hence a bit weakness. Would forsure look forward to improve my area of expertise if given a chance.

    Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): Community Staff

    Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

    Reason for application: Basically being anyone’s “ultimate goal of playing on SAES”. I’ve been around for years. Been through ups and downs of the server and the quality of gossips and players. Never had much confident in serving the community as much as I do now. I always play for fun and not the “achievements”. However this is one I’d sure love to achieve after contributing the community for long with helping and entertaining many. Plus you guys won’t regret having a genius loser around

    Server Memberships:

    • The Motor Heads - Leader.
    • InvestArms Corporation - Honorary (Ex-HQ).
    • Cuban Cars - Impounder.
    • Cunning Stunts - Member.
    • Medelin Cartel - Gang Member.

    Additional information:
    Hello friends, I am TaJ aka the famous “Indian” (preferably “Pro”). I recently shifted to Canada for study and working purposes hence lack of laptop prevents me from playing anything currently however will soon get one. As far as my SAES career is concerned, I’ve been playing from a long long time and hence achieved quite many honours including ProCops, memberships of prestigious groups such as SAI, SAFD and much more. The biggest of them was building a group from point zero to being official despite many odds proposed by the rivals. There’s much more to me than possible to include here, hope y’all were observant enough through the years.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: A few mutes.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: Once, back in 2017 I believe for being part of HQ team of an allegd“copycat server” which was later cleared by Nanobob of not having any stolen resources. Got unbanned in a few hours. The same was closed soon anyways.

    Do you eat pork: I’ve tried but hated it. No wonder why you gents are giving it such priority

  • Qualities you can offer: Not currently, however “Activity” may stay at top of the list.

    Most definitely not a quality at all, you have 0 hours recorded for the past 70 days.
    Perhaps consider applying next time once you meet the activity criteria which you state you will.

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