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Aldea Malvada, translated to "Evil Village" also known as "The Lost Pueblo" is a small, demolished town at the northeastern edge of Tierra Robada, exactly situated on top of a large mesa east of El Quebrados. The area covered by sand and debris from what was an old ancient settlement by Cuban Liberation Organization.

It is thought that the government, together with the help of the Desert Eagles, successfully expelled this rebel group after their arrival on the shores of San Andreas, along with their families which its believed they now live on an island far from civilization next to Los Santos city at the south.

On many occasions, civilians that live next to the area and its surroundings have reported hearing sounds during nighttime coming from Aldea Malvada. The myth tells that ghosts of families that died burned in the war between DE & CLO are still here and their soul is locked in this place until someone gives them peace. Story also tells this peace can only be achieved by ending the war between sides.

These noises have no scientific explanation, even state police groups have already come here to try to find out the origin of these sounds which are literally scaring the whole community that lives nearby the place.

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On the other hand, the government affirms that these ghost entities are a pure falsehood invented by the residents of the area, and that the noises coming from the place are originated by organized criminal gangs, which use this place as a training ground for their members, especially during the night, when there are fewer police patrols driving through the area.

They would even dare to say that here live vagrants, and people excluded from the society of San Andreas, which have no home and need a shelter for their families, the problem is that when the day arrives it seems a completely deserted town by the mere fact that they are not allowed to live in these shattered homes.

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Today we took the courage to visit the place and call one of the residents of an apartment near the area, which gave us the freedom to interview him about these events that have shaken the whole place for their terrifying stories.

Here we have gathered a series of questions we considered interesting:

Reporter: So what's exactly the problem and how it's affecting?

Resident: As you may know, the problem comes from the sounds that are heard from this place which I personally think they are caused by criminal gangs, these sounds include from gunfire in the wee hours of the morning to screams of women.

Reporter: Have you ever had the courage to do something about it?

Resident: The truth is that not really, the most I can do is call the police when these noises are happening, but we get zero answers, and the police officers we talked to claimed that there was no one there, this happened a few times.

Reporter: Then, as a resident of the area that you plan to do to end this definitely?

Resident: I have a family with small children, I have to take them to school and at night it is hell to get them to sleep with these annoying sounds. We are also concerned about our safety so to be brief we have simply thought of moving to another city far from here where there aren't any strange sounds.

Reporter: And do you think that the stories that tell about ghosts in the town are a a pure myth invented by people from the zone?

Resident: I'm not superstitious, but I would not like to check it either and that's why I have not gone to do it by myself.

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