New healthbars disable option + Old "HPbars" overhead.

  • Personally i think thoose 2 things destroying so hard beauty of this game mechanic.
    a) New healthbars are annoying tbh, to someone who got used to old one, first of all they're changing their size depending on distance, and most important thing which i noticed on turf wars is when u aim with sniper to person that is a bit far away, u cant see his nametag so u ve no idea who u re shooting to.

    b) Our lovely green bars over head, i dont even know why did it get deleted at all, it destroyed so hard cool mechanics of this game, people keep playing this game cuz of them, making MTA being like some new games (trying to modernize it) is pointless.

  • I can't add pool for 2nd thing, dunno why.

  • Please dear members of the SAES development thing, dont ignore this again we are only asking for blip appearance in this certain place which in this case is (Ghost Town)

  • Fix that tho + when you snipe someone in a long distance you can't see his name/health bar which makes us struggling during the turf war or fighting in general.
    alt text

  • Yess please no offense to people who scripted the nametags, but sometime it literally makes my eyes want to bleed and also it gets laggy just put it so we can activate the old ones

  • Literally just add these.

    @MatizZ said in [SUGGESTION] Name tags:

    alt text