LAST UPDATED 05/18/2018

Liberty City - 1998

Two different disciplines, same principles and just about the same amount of testosterone. In one, you do everything to go in a straight line, the other, you do everything to avoid going in a straight line. Drag Racing, Drifting it all boils down to some high horsepower, extra high fuel consumption and even higher amount of adrenaline. It all started back in Liberty City when Kaio Lerov started the club now known as "Drift & Drag Cities". Since then, cars have been widely spread to a variety of people in the City and naturally, there were some keen drivers willing to find out who can drive their car better than the driver in the other lane. Once that idea was set, drag racing itself began to spread to abandoned or uninhabited areas such as the rivers in San Andreas which had lots of empty asphalt nearby. This idea got so popular that eventually it led to a safe environment where participants would race head to head down a traditional quarter of a mile or 400m. The one to get to the end of the strip the fastest wins. Easy. Right up to the point where people started modding their rides to give more power and create machines like no other to eventually beat their opponents. That is where DDC comes in too. Drift & Drag Cities was one of the first club to create epic rides. Think big, American, Muscle cars, with a V8 of course. As long as you have a car, whether it’s front, rear or all wheel drive, DDC can customize it by putting the biggest engine you can fit in it. Or you can super-turbo-charge it, maybe a bottle of nitrous, bolt on super sticky rubber, and so on.

Back in the 90s, DDC was the one who started it all. However after a few years, drag racing was happening all around the state and the one specific sport that DDC still was the number 1 winner, was Drifting. It was all a crazy competition that caught people's attention. On the other hand, drifting had its own crowd of people. The type of people that brought drifting itself along drag racing in background, in 2018.

San Andreas - 2018

As we explained a bit about the background of Drag Racing and who started it all, we can dive into the other side: drifting and the laws it was founded upon. For those who don't know, drifting is the art of making a car look like it's losing control, but yet it’s in complete control. Drifting can be seen as far back as the 1930’s. When really old Grand Prix cars were seen gently sliding around corners. A technique used in the 1970’s Japan Touring Car Championship, where a particular driver named Quality would hit the entry point of the corner and slide his car right through to the exit in high speed emitting huge amounts of smoke from the rear tires. This caught the attention of the Kaio Lerov when he was there actually competing in the Championship itself. The rest, is history.

Drift machines, drag machines, fast machines in general, are as unique as the person controlling it, we like to say. At DDC, we believe drag racing and drifting CAN be combined together. No doubt they are two different worlds, completely different taste but yet.. they share the same principle: Drive hard and live free!

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Group Name: Drift & Drag Cities
Motto: We Do Drift Cause we are born to do it??

Founder: Lerov
Group Tag: [DDC]Name[Rank]
Color Code: #8A2BE2
Discord Channel:

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Drift & Drag Cities members participates in legal races only during the day. At night, they also violate laws, take drugs, do drag races and steal cars! Drift Cities have local cops on payroll. Not only they pay them for information and getaways, but also for protection of the group itself. San Andreas is still corrupt and DDC is profiting!

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Media Archive

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Champion Drifter (The Champ.)

The King of Drift (Vice Leader)

Head Thief (HQ)


Drift & Drag - (DD)

Drifter (Drifter)

Drager (Drag Racer)

Assistant Drifters (Probation Helper)

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Please be familiar with F1!

Languages Spoken:
How many hours do you have on record on SAES? (press TAB ingame to check):
Rate your English 1/5(choose a number):

1 - I can't type in English
2 - I understand but can't type
3 - I understand and I can reply in English but I have bad grammar
4 - I understand, I can reply in English and I have good grammar
5 - English is my fuckin' language

What is your current Gang/Squad/Company (if any):
Current Groups (if any):

Why do you want to join DDC?:
What does DDC stand for?:
What is our roleplay?:

Which part of the group you want to join, Drifter or Drag Racer?:
##spoiler=Application answers meaning

Accepted: We think you belong to the group. Meet us in-game for testing!
Pending: We're not sure if you belong to the group. Hang around with us for further notice!
Denied: We think you are not ready to join us yet. Re-apply in 2 weeks!

If you get Accepted or Pending, you will have to pass the following test:

Drift just like the video below.
Rules: You can take the test 3 times only.
At least 70% marks on the road! More tire marks, the better!

We suggest practice before testing.