Cops being unable to kill cops/unwanted crims (Suggestion)

  • Hello, I wanted to suggest to disable cops being able to kill cops/unwanted players. I believe that many other players want this too due to DM or accidentally killing.

    Now I'll tell you the benefits of disabling cops being able to kill other cops:

    -Less DM: If this suggestion will be accepted and addded to the game, there will be much less DM, and less reports about players.

    -No accidents in the jail: Since killing in interiors is added, cops can kill criminals inside the jail which gives them an arrest and money. But there is also a disadvantage, if cops rush towards the criminals and a cop starts randomly shooting at the criminals, there's a very high chance that the other cops get hit by him. So it'd ruín the rush and count as DM I believe.

    -No trolling in RPs: When I just started with the game and started selling some weapons as a criminal infront of the jail, a trainee bought weapons from me and attacked me after that. I wasn't wanted neither did I something to him. If this happened to me, I'd happen in roleplays too for sure.

    -No car damage: If there is an unwated player just sitting in his car, a ccp can still damage it, if he is wanted or not. The suggestion here is to make cops unable to damage cars if there isn't someone wanted inside. This will prevent DM too.

  • I don't think so it would be a good idea. The cops also got the right to kill anybody, if somebody doesn't obey the "Deathmatching" rule. report him.

  • First of... With this you literally allow trainees to do whatever they wish, and that's a no. Also when it comes to unwanted criminals, you can be disturbed by one if he literally just steps infront of you while you shoot. No. That's an absolute no. Also, if a criminal is driving and it's unwanted, another crim gets in with 42 stars and see you. Trainees ruinning roleplay, and another countless situations where killing someone is needed. Also teamfire is a positive thing, you need to be careful.

  • It's just a suggestion, I am not forcing or begging you to add it, calm down guys.

  • So if a criminal is pointing a gun at you while you are chasing his friend with stars, your partner wouldn't be able to kill them because they're unwanted until they shoot?

  • Well, this wasn’t a good suggestion so I don’t think it’s needed to discuss any further.

  • Suggestion denied.