Homeland Security: State Emergency

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    Good evening citizens of San Andreas.

    After analysing recent statistics surrounding attacks on banking assets within San Andreas, the Department of Homeland Security has deemed it necessary to announce a state emergency due to the significant surge in successful attacks in these areas. This means that HLS advises all citizens of San Andreas to avoid extremely populated areas within the affected regions for your own safety - whilst we are aware that a Government election is currently in progress, we would encourage all citizens to submit a postal vote where possible or avoid these areas during peak footfall hours.

    Intelligence Data:

    During the month of March, the Department is announcing the most amount of successful attacks to ever take place within a 31 day period in recent months. A huge 334 incidents took place around San Andreas and a total of 85.93% of these were deemed successful. During 334 attacks, a total of 2672 bank safes were made vulnerable with a total of 2528 successfully being cracked. This means 94.61% of all vulnerable safes were successfully cracked. This outlines a huge decrease in law enforcement success in preventing these attacks and therefore Homeland Security will be increasing their influence of certain areas. (More information will be stated below in the report).
    Safe Stat Table:

    As is consistently stated, city banking assets are always at a much higher risk of attack than those that are located within counties. However, due to the recent security upgrades provided by the Liberty Party (Current Government of San Andreas) made within the Los Santos, the occurrence of attacks has seen a significant decrease compared to both Las Venturas and San Fierro. The city deemed most at risk is San Fierro with a total of 24.55% taking place here. This means almost 1/4 of all bank attacks take place within San Fierro and citizens are told to avoid this location at all costs. Conversely, Bone County is deemed the most safe with only 10.48% of all robberies taking place here.
    Occurence Stat Table:

    There is a strong correlation between the number of successful attacks and the number of these attacks happening within cities. This is displayed by San Fierro having the highest frequency of attacks and consequently the highest frequency of successful attacks with Las Venturas coming in second. Alternatively within counties, Law Enforcement have greater success in Red County over Bone County.
    Location Succcess Rate Table:

    In connection with locations, HLS observes whom is actually responsible for said attacks to aid law enforcement intelligence of organisations which are most likely to attack these assets. Out of the recorded incidents, @The-Outfit is held accountable for the largest amount of attacks, a total of 74 recorded attacks, and will therefore become law enforcement's highest priority for observation. Though @Organization-Zero were the previous priority, they remain a close second with a total of 46 recorded attacks.
    Although already previously described as no longer a threat, both @Comando-Da-Capital and @Rebels-MC maintain this with little to no recorded attacks with @Underground-Empire now joining them in this category. @Black-Bullets have been reconsidered from a high threat to minimal due to the significant decrease in attack numbers.
    Gang Occurrence and Success Table:

    Whilst keeping a record of whom is responsible for said incidents, HLS also records the locations of the gangs sightings in order to predict future incidents. Data suggests that @The-Outfit are deemed the highest threat in all San Fierro, Red County, Tierra Robada and Bone County making them the most unpredictable. @Clandestine-Mob is recorded to be the highest threat within Los Santos and @Tuga-Thugs being the highest threat within Las Venturas.
    Gang Occurence Based on Location Table:

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    Homeland Security Measures

    As described above, due to the influx in successful attacks on all banking assets around San Andreas, Homeland Security is forced to take action within heavily targeted regions.

    This means Homeland Security will be adopting The Bank of Las Venturas and The Bank of San Fierro under their jurisdiction until the date/time of 00:00 Monday 13th April. (A period of 10 days). We hope these extreme measures will significantly reduce the number of successful attacks within these regions and figures will be closely observed and analysed by Intelligence Agents.

    We thank all citizens for their cooperation during this time, stay home and stay safe. 👍
    ~ Homeland Security

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