Pazoo's Application for ZIP

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    Personal informations

    Nickname: Pazoo
    username: pokila
    Languages that you often speak: Arabic, French, and English
    Country of residence: Tunisia
    Rate your English skills on a scale of 1/10: Well, I think that my English skills are pretty decent so I would like to give myself 8.5/10
    Age: 16

    In-game information

    how long you have been playing SAES: RPG: since the last 2 years back in 2018
    What's your current organization? : Arms Assassins
    List the groups you are currently in :

    • Cunning Stunts

    • The Motor Heads

    • Racetech

    • Outbreak organization

    • San Andreas Medics

    • InvestArms corporation

    • All Load Trucking

    • Cuban Cars

    • Lightning World Sports

    • San Andreas Pirates

    Tell us about yourself in the server: Basically, I joined the server 2 years ago in 2018 as I mentioned above and I started playing as a criminal since I wasn't obsessed with the cop side and I found the criminal world more attractive. Shortly, I took a part in UE, Z and AA which is my current gang right now. I'm a perfectionist player who is quite enough sane and mature overall and that's the main factor that led me to achieve my ambitions.
    have u ever received any punishments? N/A
    Have you had any experience with a construction panel? Yes, I do

    ZIP and Pazoo

    Rate your building skills on a scale of 1/10: 7/10
    Rate your roleplay skills on a scale of 1/10: 8.5/10
    What does "RP" mean to you?: -it's acting like in real life but in a virtual world
    Why we should take you into consideration ?: Well, I've been planing to join ZIP since the last year but some real-life stuffs disturbed and confused me after I have been burning the candle at both ends trying to get into when the recruitment was closed, therefore, I couldn't join so that's why I'm really determined to join ZIP at the moment since I have a lot of time to spend on SAES due to this corona shit
    What you can bring to our group ?: I can bring a disciplined member who always likes to lend a hand to his teammates on the assumption that someone requires help. Indeed, I'm an active representative that you can find whenever you need and mostly all the time

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    Type Of Building: a small restaurant
    Date Of Creation: 30/01/2020
    Assistants: @DALI-i
    Description: I held a meeting with Dali at LV to determine the kind of instruction that we will adopt to build the restaurant and then we started working promptly with full dedication and masterfully to get this masterpiece ready.

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    Type Of Building: Garage
    Date Of Creation: 30/01/2020
    Assistants: @DALI-i
    Description: After we were done with the restaurant. We were assigned to build a garage where SA citizens can have mechanical services or to park their cars and have some rest after a long trip full of fatigue.

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    Type Of Building: Discotheque
    Date Of Creation: 31/01/2020
    Assistants: @DALI-i
    Description: on the occasion of founding a cure for coronavirus, we were charged with building a Discotheque where the citizens can be entertained and can have some fun after a long duration of the quarantine.

  • Best of luck with your application and progress towards ZIP

  • Hi @Pazoo
    Are you still interested in ZIP? Cause your application has been outdated since 12 days ago
    Please let me know, else this application will be moved to the archive, cause we like to keep the active applications in the front.


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    Type Of Building: Big pool
    Date Of Creation: 10/04/2020
    Assistants: @DALI-i -Petrow-Guard
    Description: Since there are a few months that separate us for the summer, We were assigned to build a pool to meet the entertainment widgets of SA citizens
    Screenshots :
    PS: You can consider this activity as a response from me :honk:

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    Type Of Building: Small Parkour map
    Date Of Creation: 12/04/2020
    Assistants: alone
    Description: I got a call from a company saying that they want a parkour map for their competition which requires a lot of risky moves and a short one that can be done quickly

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    Type Of Building: Cafeteria
    Date Of Creation: 13/04/2020
    Assistants: alone but couldn't finish with the 50 objects so I called Fristen to lend me a hand, therefore, we can take care with the last touches
    Description: After a long day of work full of fatigue and as it's widely known the workers get tired due to the amount of pressure that had been fixated on them and the bad climate that they are working in, so we decided to build a cafeteria where they can take a small rest in order to refresh their brain cells, therefore, they can get back to the work with their full conscious.

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    Type Of Building/Title: Accident
    Date Of Creation: 14/04/2020
    Assistants: @DALI-i
    Description: Since it's my vacation I was sitting in my office enjoying my daily coffee and minding my own business like I used to do in every holiday till I heard my phone ringing. To be honest, it was really strange and confusing at the same time because I'm not used to get phone calls on my holiday so probably it's an urgent case. Eventually, it turns out that my intuition wasn't wrong at all. Dali was the one who is calling me. He said that there's a train who veered off course and he is no longer on the right rails, therefore, we were assigned to take care of the road and make the necessary protective stuff such as organizing the road properly, etc... to prevent the great casualties and to assure on victims lives

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    Type Of Building/Title: Redesigning ghost town
    Date Of Creation: 16/04/2020
    Assistants: Dali-Tilong-Daryl-Jojo-Juby-Expert-Djo-Soul
    Description: We held a meeting in the ghost town carrying all of our necessary widgets that we are in need of during the maintenance

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    Type Of Building/Title: Dj area
    Date Of Creation: 19/04/2020
    Assistants: I and Colobria
    Description: I and Colobria decided to build a DJ area since there's a concert that will be done in the next weeks so we were assigned to complete it before the specified date

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    Type Of Building/Title: Small bank
    Date Of Creation: 21/04/2020
    Assistants: I and Dali
    Description: It was a marvelous night when I and Dali decided to build a small bank in South Las Venturas since we received a lot of complaints concerning the suffer that they get exposed to once they go to the north bank

  • Good evening - @Pazoo

    Are you still interested in ZIP?

    Because your application has been outdated around a month already. I'd like to give you some motivation, you've shown a really nice example of yours application, even tho you have posted a really good examples of the activity. It would be a waste if you let it die out.

    Please let us know about your current status and interest towards the group, else this application will be moved to the archive.

    Yours faithfully,
    ZIP Manager

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    Type Of Building/Title: Chilling area
    Date Of Creation: 18/05/2020
    Assistants: no one
    Description: a chilling area for the worker's crew including architects, employees, etc so they can change their mood and get ready to the next task

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    You've been doing a great job so far and therefore we have decided that you may move on to the next stage.

    In this stage you will firstly need to create a blueprint by either using: blueprint maker , paint or any other program you prefer.

    As following you will need to build your created blueprint ingame with the public worker spawn. (Las Venturas -> Civillian -> Worker)

    Once both tasks are finished, please share them on your application topic.

    Make sure to include images and an description.

    (Don't forget to keep roleplaying in the meantime too.)

    Good luck.

    On behalf of ZIP HQ Team,