• The mute is wrong and not justified.

    I should not have created the original topic with its contents, I should have instead handled it differently. I created it out of anger for this pathetic mute.

    However, ill take this 8 day mute because I stand with my beliefs. This server is run by 2 people, Kain and Joe and they can do whatever the fuck they like to anyone and its sad, pathetic and wrong.

    So enjoy it kain, enjoy your small power on this poxy game. In real life you are nothing.

    Im going to still have fuck loads of fun even if I cant talk.

  • @Joshbond said in Abuse of power by Kain:


    This is something only you will be able to handle with, so apologies for the tag.

    In main chat after everyone was having fun and kain/joe decided to mute the entire mainchat

    Not sure why you decided to mention me in this report, as it has nothing to do with me.

    The "event" you said I was muting people for.. was mine. Kain was (correctly) not happy with my silly chat based event. But don't say I was upset with my own event lol, this makes literally no sense, as this was not the case. But don't let actual facts get in the way of your way of stating things. Why does the truth matter 🤣

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  • Joshbond in SAES visualised
    When will you grow up and realise that nobody gives a fuck about what you think @Joshbond and you're playing a server which is fully free for everyone and you can always leave if you're unhappy?

    SAES makes the rules, not you. You have probably spent hours and hours of your life writing these pathetic drama posts on our forums about SAES being currupt to the core, SAES members, HQ members or me being shit and you're the only one seeing whole big picture and everyone around you are idiots..

    Newsflash.. You will never be the one to change SAES or make people stand up, you're a dodgy cunt, and people won't listen to dodgy cunts.. The sooner you get that, the better.

    I would have banned you way back if i was active. For no other reason than you're a shit stirrer with a massive boner for hardcore drama. Black stain on our community.

    Is it an over reaction to mute for 8 days? Probably, if it's some other player with a clean slate.. But does anyone care if it happens to you? No.

    Even @Howlze has grown up and he was the biggest cunt in the history of SAES. Hopefully your balls will drop too some day.

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  • You're lucky you didn't get a temp ban.