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"For us, San Andreas is the First!"

Democratic Republican is a presidential party that was led by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, became presidents of the United States. The Democratic-Republican Party ceased to exist in the mid-1792s as new political parties emerged to replace it and it was closed by 1825. We today, a bunch of american citizens, as a new generation we decided to re-open this party in July, 2019. We will run for election, lead and improve United States with anyway we can.

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We have many idea's to implement and the most important suggestions will be written down.

First - Ensuring the safety of citizens! We will make sure to make police divisions patrol 24/7 around streets and houses to reduce the crimes percentage, we will provide every single required equipment to the police and fund them, since we care also about the Police and we would not like to lose them. We will even contact special divisions such as S.W.A.T or FOX to perform raids on properties with warranties.

Secondly - We will make sure that the economy does not fall. We all know that China has the world's largest economy, and the United States of America is closely followed, so we will do our best to become the world's largest economy again, and we will not make ourselves go bankrupt just like the other parties did. We will import only needed things and export to other countries what they exactly need in exchange of Petrol and Natural Gas. That will help us earning a lot of money which will make the citizen's yearly income increase.

Third - Making roads better for our citizens: We will try to get in touch with ZIP Constructions and we will surely make roads more safe to reduce the accidents as we've seen lately that they increased a lot, and we care about citizens more than anything.
We will plan also on making new bridges that makes your way shorter!

Fourth - We will be making a Constituent Assembly that will make sure citizen's idea's will be received and reviewed and we may implement some of them if they're agreed by our Councils.

Fifth - We will provide street sweepers and public works technicians to clean the streets and fix lamp's or install needed things.

Sixth - We will make sure of making more transporting companies, and offering more job opportunities to citizens and provide them a good salary.

Seventh and finally - We will be making public meetings to review and answer citizen's questions and make sure they're all satisfied.

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Robert M. Smith ((@Element ))

Vice President:
Steven O'Riley ((@Anas))

Chief of Staff:
Edward Morello ((@Lightning ))


Ministry of Defense :
Albert Brown(( @Benny ))

Ministry of Justice:
Steven Collins (( @Niceez ))

Ministry of Commerce:
Charles Hudson ((@Elegant ))

Ministry of Public Works :
Jack Steward (( @Freezoom ))

Ministry of Transportation :
Hank Clint (( @epic_ ))

Ministry of Treasury:
Richard Zaro (( @Richard "Dudi" Zaro ))

Ministry of Development :
Jack Cohen (( @Yoav ))

Ministry of Health:
Justin Delcon (( @Juby ))

Minister of Relations with Ministries:
Eric Northman (( @DJO ))



SF North:
Nicholas Feeride ((@Riley ))

SF South:
Charles Johnson (( @Ferthis ))

Flint County + Whetstone:
Dwayne Sawyer (( @Cappo ))

Red County:
Roy Pulsipher (( @AngelDust ))

LS West:
Hugh Jass (( @RocK ))

LS Central:
Henry Abigail (( @Dom ))

LS East:
Larson Hopkins (( @AntiRug ))

South Venturas:
Giggs Benson (( @Ntruder ))

North Venturas:
James Smith (( @Glayd ))

Bone County:
David "Bart" Wilkinson (( @David 'Bart' Wilkinson ))

Tierra Robada:
Frank Serpo (( @Frank "Hope" Serpo ))

Events Producer/Organizer:
Jamie Harris (( @LordBoa ))
Richard Perna (( @Richard ''Rythm'' Perna ))

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