SparkyFast Application for ZIP

  • PART 1 - Personal Information

    NickName: SparkyFast
    Username: SparkyFast
    Real Name: Travis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Nationaly: Alberta
    Rate your english skills: 10/10
    Do you have discord: Yes
    Languages Spoken: English
    Tell us something about yourself: Hello, My name is Travis 17 years old from Alberta Canada I am in school. Directly after i Plan to get a job Welding well it is a convincing the salerie is good but it not just about the money its aslo about me loving that kind of work. So my free time is playing MTA or hanging with friends and doing so welding.

    PART 2 - In-Game Information

    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG ? : 2 years ago somthing like that .
    How active are you on SAES:RPG ? : between 2 , 6 hours a day during school on weekends when i can im all day on sometimes half a day depends.
    What's your current organization? and rank?: Inkas, lvl 1 in gang
    Current group memberships: Auto Plunders

    Rate your Building Skills: 07/10
    Rate your RP skills: 10/10
    Rate your creativity skills: 10/10
    Rate your English skills: 10/10

    PART 3 - ZIP and Maggie1234

    Why do you want join ZIP?: To show evryone what I can do with my creativity and my building skills also to help the team with activity and roleplay when opportunity knocks to answer the duty.
    Why we should accept you?: I'm old enough to handle any situation I'm also active loyal and respectful I do my best to offer help for who needed normal players or teamwork
    What can you bring to ZIP?: Work hard to find new ideas that makes life in san andreas more easier and comfortable for all and i'll devote all my thought abilities to the group .

  • my bud and i working on some builds