[GXT Application] - AntiRug [ACCEPTED]


    Nickname: AntiRug.
    Username: AntiRug.
    Age (D/M/Y): I am 15 Years Of Age. [05/06/2004].
    Gender: Male.
    Current gang/squad: Emergency Task Force - Vice Leader
    Current group membership(s): DDMC, SAFD, Lounge Vc, Donator, SAI, PC, DE, LWS, SAPA
    Previous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): IAC, left since i was free invited and saw no future in it. This was whilst Kim was still leading it.


    Why would you like to join our company?: I've seen GXT progress massively, and would like to be apart of the company. I know many people there, and am aware that i will be able to work together with them very well.
    Can you offer anything special to the company?: I mean what else is there to offer besides activity? I'm quite active, and could host a few activities within the company together with my coworkers.
    Which division do you prefer? Trucking or Maintaining? (State the reason as well): I'd prefer the trucking division, since i've always enjoyed trucking. I like to turn on some country classical music, while I deliver loads for my customers.


    What does roleplay stand for?: RolePlay is a term used for acting out a situation ingame, the same way it would go, if that was real life. You put yourself in the shoes of your character, and act asif it was real life.
    What do you do if someone insults you in main chat?: I would most likely ignore it, if he keeps going i would /ignore him, although it depends on what he says. If i see a chance for a good comeback, i will use it.
    What do you do if someone deathmatches you?: Take a screenshot with f12, and /report him to the admins.
    Additional Information: I am the current Vice Leader of the Emergency Task Force. I've been playing SAES for around a year and a half, and i've enjoyed my time here. I'm in quite a few RolePlay groups, since i do enjoy to RP on the server, although the roleplay has slowly began to die within the community.

  • Global Express Trucking Co.
    Company HQ Management


    Thanks for applying to Global Express Trucking, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you. Please, contact GXT HQ+ in-game to receive entry interview. Good luck!

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    GXT HQ.