[GXT Application]- Rocket [ACCEPTED]

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    Current gang/squad:Peaky Blinders.
    Current groups:
    San andreas Pirates-Outbreak Organization-San andreas Studios.
    Prevous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out):N/A

    Why would you like to join our company?I wan to join to this company because i like their role's and they are active also i want to join my friends there.
    Can you offer anything special?:Well, I don't like to describe my self as special but yeah, i have some qualifications which let me be a little bit special, I keep training every single day to get better & better in my activity, skills, though.Now, I'm kind of active as well, I still have pleasure playing this game and honestly, I enjoy it as much as I can which is why I'm able to come in game everyday. In addition, my experience in groups made me a little mature & understanding how groups work. Though, I'm trying to get better at roleplaying as well which is one of the most important things in the server if not the most important. Whatever, I'll be behaving well & I'll try my best to be respectful towards all members. I'll keep training to get even better so i can achieve other & better skills.
    Which division do you prefer? Trucking or Maintaining? (state why):I prefer Turking Division.

    What roleplay stands for? Role play means acting like a real life and making some action for get more fun in games.
    What do you do if someone insults you in main chat? /ignore.
    What do you do if someone deathmatches you? If he is in gang/squad ss and report to HQ if not ss and report to admins.
    Additional Information: Thnx for reading,Rocket

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    Activity type: re-full stations
    GXT Members: @Reus
    Activity details: Arround :SF/TR/LV/BC

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    Activity type: re-full stations
    GXT Members: @Reus
    Activity details: Arround :LV/BC

  • Global Express Trucking Co.
    Company HQ Management


    Thanks for applying to Global Express Trucking, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you. Please, contact GXT HQ+ in-game to receive entry interview. Good luck!

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    GXT HQ.