Coalition of New Development

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    Have we been peaceful; with governments doing nothing to entertain us, with governments stealing our money for personal purposes, with governments not hearing us, with governments changing ideologies like it's changing clothes?

    Have we been feeling the justice; where we've been strange to a fair procedure of treatment, where there have always been personal issues in punishments, where there has never been a real court?

    We've been missing that coin, which leads our way to a better gameplay.We're the coin, Coalition of New Development!

    alt metni

    alt metni

    alt metni

    @Terry - President of San Andreas

    @Velona - Vice President of San Andreas

    @zaza - Senator of Los Santos East

    @Bartman - Senator of San Fierro South

    @Zwolle - Senator Los Santos Central

    @Yoko_Kurama - Senator of San Fierro North

    @AdemBygt - Senator of Los Santos West

    @Draven - Senator of Flint County & Whetstone

    @Duff - Senator of South Venturas

    @kockata - Senator of Tierra Robada

    @Markus - Senator of North Venturas

    @Venom - Senator of Red Country

    alt metni


    alt metni

    alt metni

    Coalition of New Development strives for a strong economy, where companies can compete with freedom and in a fair way, and where the welfare of the civilians will be get improved to the limit. Last year, we've seen how companies are not taken seriously, how expensive houses became and how hard it is for every civilian to buy a house because there are not that many houses on sale. Furthermore, inflation is a really big problem in San Andreas.

    We would like to tackle these problems and solve them for once and all. To do this, we are planning to do the following:

    - We will invest in companies, so they can develop themselves and make themselves more interesting for new employees

    - Houses in countrysides will be much cheaper

    - We will invest in building apartments, to make a house free for every single civilian

    - To tackle inflation, we want to reform the tax system and make it progressive

    alt metni

    alt metni

    Coalition of New Development will work hard to stabilize the relationship with countries all around the world. We will be open to any discussion with the representatives of other countries in San Andreas. It is important for us to stop hostile acts and start acting civilized. Past is past, we are ready to implant less strict policy to immigrants, and people with a criminal history. We'll be helping them with finding jobs, and earning their lives. We'll also be there to negotiate with immigrants and we will be providing American citizenship to people who meet our requirements and offer them a chance to start a new life as Americans.

    alt metni

    alt metni

    The main goal of SAES is having fun, and Coalition of New Development is aware of that. We, the coalition, want the citizens of San Andreas to have a better gameplay and fun while playing. So, CoND wants to work a lot on the theme Entertainment, which will provide new activities for the players in-game. For now, CoND is planning to work on the following points:

    -Annual Purge, which will let you do whatever you want on a pre-set day, in a pre-set time period.Free to shoot around, free to deathmatch, free to let the anger out.

    -We will work together with entertainment organizations and invest in them, such as Lounge & Royal Club.

    -We'll work on Las Venturas Cross, organize regular activities there such as music fests and DJ streams.

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    alt metni

    The San Andreas Department of Justice (SADOJ) is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of justice within the state of San Andreas. Additionally, the SADOJ is charged explicitly with the creation, operation, and oversight of all attorney and judicial operations for the state, including all public attorney services, the State Bar Association, and the state courts. Similar to the United States Department of Justice, the San Andreas Department of Justice operates as an agency recognized by the federal government and justice system but managed independently of the federal executive agency by an act of Congress. San Andreas DOJ leadership reports directly to the Governor of San Andreas.

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    The Courts of San Andreas is a collective term which refers to the Superior Court and its three subdivisions and the Supreme Court, San Andreas' highest court. The Courts are the judiciary of the State and are responsible for the interpretation of the law and the adjudication of civil disputes and criminal prosecutions. The judiciary acts as an important element in the separation of powers doctrine and acts chiefly to ensure that the executive branch of government acts in accordance with the law and that the State Legislature passes legislation in accordance with the United States Constitution and San Andreas State Constitution.

    alt metni

    alt metni

    If you wish to join our party and become a supporter, make sure you have the same thoughts of us and fill the application form below.

    **Ingame name**: 
    **Account name**: 
    **G/S/C Membership**: 
    **Why would you like to join our party?**:
  • Ingame name: Law
    Account name: hell11
    G/S/C Membership: Underground Empire
    Why would you like to join our party?: I see Coalition of New Development try do new and great things to SAES community so I want to be part of it I will do my best for helping our party.

  • Ingame name: Rasta
    Account name: ElRastaMan17
    G/S/C Membership: N/A
    Why would you like to join our party?: Well I would like to help your party succeding in every single way. SAES needs to be changed and your party seems the right one to do those changes. In the end it should be V4C!

  • Ingame name: Rosato
    Account name: Rosatorino
    G/S/C Membership: -
    Why would you like to join our party?: I was at the congress held today. The manifesto of the party impressed me, I want to be a member of the party and share the change in Saes.

  • Ingame name: Arkantos
    Account name: arkantos8
    G/S/C Membership: Outfit
    Why would you like to join our party?: I want to join to make Saes a better place V4C!!!<3

  • Ingame name: Ethan
    Account name: Ethan
    G/S/C Membership: Outfit
    Why would you like to join our party?: The current government is collapsing, we need some new fresh blood on the scene and I believe your goals and messages are sincere and the next step forward. Let development begin.

  • Welcome, @ElRastaMan17 @Rosatorino @Arkantos. Don't forget to join us in our Discord guild.

  • Ingame name: Pazoo
    Account name: pokila
    G/S/C Membership: Arms Assassins
    Why would you like to join our party?: Since the new government had some issues concerning their political system and with the untreatable way that the politicians are dealing with the political transition topic, therefore, I made a commitment to change these thoughts by joining your party as I saw and read before we share the same goals also to be an active member in the political society added to that, bringing a piece of new knowledge to our government

  • @Pazoo accepted

    Join our discord!

  • vote us or DM 24/7!!!

  • Ingame name: U|Silent|IZC
    Account name: hamoucha08
    G/S/C Membership: Undisputed Command.
    Why would you like to join our party?: Seems like there's much idea's there, it will result in some changes in the server so it's a nice thing,I want to help to make the server better .

  • Ingame name: Darude
    Account name: darude
    G/S/C Membership: Gypsy Jokers MC
    Why would you like to join our party?: I strongly believe that changes need to be done and that this coalition is perfect for that. I agree with your manifest, so you have my vote for better tommorow.

  • @Darude @Silence0

    Accepted. Join our discord now!

  • Ingame name: GreeD
    Account name: Gerdekci
    G/S/C Membership: CripZ
    Why would you like to join our party?: I see futue in this party and i think i can work for this party and I want to be a member of the party and make good SAES.

  • Ingame name: King
    Account name: theking01
    G/S/C Membership: The Company
    Why would you like to join our party?: Well, I like this party as I see the future being in it. New Development is trying to do different types of things to improve SAES community and SAES Government in general. That's why I would like to be a part of this party to help rise up and become more famous and strong. I also like the idea of this party that seems quite interesting for myself.

  • @Greed & @King

    Approved. Join our party discord.