RadiO / Gugu scamming on event

  • So there was knock out of bike event in LS, i came first time and he was already down by some guy from AA, we waited few mins and he said on my countdown 2nd round starts. He was gone and after minut or more on all chat Countdown from him started and i gone to chase him. I saw some guy chase him too and i hit him hard knocking him down, he just got back to bike and continued event like nothing happened.

    In This post on my ban appeal topic he says that he wrote on local chat to stop chase because he needs repair. That is his excuse. Why didnt he wrote it on all chat as this was public event for everyone on server and why did he start event if he was not ready. My name was unknown and he didnt want to give me money cause he thought i am some new player and he didnt give shit.

    I expect some answers from LWS as from day to day more rulebrakers from that organisation appear. LWS is full of scammers. This is second time in few days i got scammed on event by high ranking lws members

  • Posting from the name of LWS HQ
    We would like to see some proofs about his actions

  • What proofs do you want.. He admitted he started event by putting CD and refusing to give money after he got knocked out. Read his post in topic i pasted.

  • If you say event starts on my CD and then you put CD it means it fucking started... You cannot say wait i didnt want to start or some shitty excuse. Even if he said on all chat that event stops because many people were chasing him that would be ok, but there was no message about stopping on all chat. I am sick of LWS scammers like this one who admit they scammed but still no one gives a fuck about it.

    I was on unknown name and that was reason this guy didnt want to give money away to winner. If i was some AA or CLO member he would congratulate me and give money right away.

    Stop scamming new players.

  • OEIM, The problem is that you write long sentences without providing proof on which the administration can give credibility to your words. Words against words is certainly the best placed who will prevail. I advise you to use Fraps during your next games to record your screen.

  • I dont need video proof when player who scammed admits he scammed. You just need to read his post and see what happened. They are that stupid to admit what they did but are so heavily protected that even then no one gives a fuck and thats problem.

    New and unknown players are scammed on daily bases and no one is caring.

    You need proof is just sentence made by those rule brakers, Who the fuck records his gameplay. How will new player do anything when he is not recording. What is this stupid rule ? Who made this shit ? New players are completely powerless against those scammers.

    Guy admits he started CD for start of round and then got knocked out and refused to give money.

    You dont need anything else but this sentence that he wrote. But no one gives shit. Keep protecting each other you worthless monkeys.

  • This post is deleted!