Government Update - April Elections!

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    Hey everyone,

    As you may be aware, when myself and the non-RP government leadership team (now Group Management) took on the mantle of facilitating a functioning government on SAES and facilitating elections for that government we announced there would be a new election cycle every 4 months.

    April 1st marks 4 months from our elections, so here we are - a new election cycle is upon us.

    This means that anyone who intends on taking part in the upcoming elections/government cycle should have a quick read of this topic and register either yourself, or a candidate, prior to the time given on the topic.

    Registration for the election will close on March 28th at 23:59 server time.

    The polls will open on April 1st at a time yet to be determined and run until April 5th at 6pm server time.

    I would encourage everyone who wishes to participate, to do so.

    If you need any further information on what the government is or what it does please check out some of the links below; - All the details about the government, including rules and regulations. - Handy link to the government area of the site - Previous results!

    On a final note I'd like to say a big thanks to all of the people who helped run this period of the government. We had more bills and initiatives passed than ever before with some good changes and a clear sense of government direction.

    I look forward to working with the future government and hope that those who form it are even half as good as the people I've had the pleasure of working with for the last 4 months.

    Thank you to all the @Senator 's, the President and his Vice President and all the government staff and department leaders.

    Best of luck to all who are choosing to run in this election, should you have ANY questions please reach out via discord,


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  • The only question appears here is what's the point of being government member? Except for more RP options (and no one roleplays nowadays) and another way to show off to your friends?

  • Useless group like 60% of the groups from this server.
    I rather see someone spawned.
    Focus on 4-5 groups not on 15-20 groups.
    1 group for Cops like DE, 1 groups for Crims like CLO, Medic group, Fire dep group, HLS and that's it

  • @Galaxy-realONE

    How about players that don't want anything to do with that and make their own company within the server?

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