"Medellín - Los reyes de la cocaína"

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Founders: WenDo, SkulioN, MarksMan
Level: 4
Panel: Medellin
Date of Creation: 28/12/2019
Value: 50.000.000$+
Tags: M|Name \ M-H|Name for wannabes/ helpers.
Motto: Medellín - Los reyes de la cocaína
Color: # 9b6c62 \ r: 155 g: 108 b: 98
Discord: discord.gg/fHxva73

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Recruitment Status: Open

If you are interested in joining our gang, check the requirements down below and if you fit them all. If you fit the requirements and wish to apply, please post the application as reply below this topic, after posting the application head in-game and hang around with us.

If you want to be recognized by our members as a wannabe, then wear the helper tags: M-H|Name.


  • Must know and beware all the F1 rules
  • Must have knowledge of English
  • Must show interest and behave/have a good attitude

Application Format:

## ***General Information***
 **- Nickname:**
**- Nationality:**
**- Age:**
**- Languages you can speak:**

## ***Career Information***
**- How long have you been playing SAES?:**
**- What groups are you currently part of?:**
**- Previous organizations on the server (include the reason for leaving/kick):**
**- Previous punishments (mutes/adminjails/bans and reasons):**

## ***Rules Knowledge***
**- Explain Deathmatching with your own words:**
**- State 3 Turfwar rules:**
**- State 3 Bankrob rules:**

## ***Additional Information***
**- Explain Medellin's roleplay with your own words:**
**- What's the main reason for your application?:**
**- What makes you special that should make us accept you?:**

Possible Answers:
Accepted - Your application has been approved. Feel free to contact any HQ in-game to get your tests.
Pending - Your application has been approved, hang around with our members to get you better known.
Denied - Your application has not been approved. If you are still interested into joining us re-apply in 1 week.