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    Creation date: 25/12/2019
    Name: The Saints
    Tags: [TS]Name|Rank & [TS*]Name (probationary)
    Motto: † Pure and Perfect†
    Color Code:#550055
    Founders: @Poodlyz @Zlatan
    Recruitment status: OPEN
    Discord Link:
    Media Archive:
    Here is an idea of the script we want :

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    2017 was a dreadful year for two brothers, James and Luke, and their family business. After years of working hard long hours in their father's tow truck / mechanic business, they received news of their father suddenly dying from a heart attack while driving to a clients address. Their father's death weighed heavily on their shoulders and hearts, as they loved their father very much. They grieved him and took over their father's business and promised to make the business successful so that they could make their father proud.


    Recovering from the previous year, the two brothers decided to overhaul their family business. Now they decided to call themselves The Saints. All seemed well, for a while. The two brothers did jobs here and there, however, this was suddenly not enough. Their client base had declined after the death of their father. Nothing was the same anymore. No matter how hard the two brothers attempted to keep the family business going, the economy was just too harsh on them. They continued to work as hard as they could, knowing that the end of the business was near.

    While working on a client's vehicle in their garage, they were startled by an ecstatic man, sobbing and running towards them with a hoodie and a hat covering his face. Believing this guy was a threat, the two brothers quickly stopped what they were doing and stood up. The man threw an envelope at them and yelled "I just don't want any trouble! ". The two brothers flinched and just looked at the envelope on the floor and then at the man running away from them. As the man disappeared into the night, the two brothers looked at each other and then the envelope.

    Little did the young brothers know, this moment was going to change the rest of their lives and their family's lives. James, the older brother, took the envelope and put it down on the vehicle they were working on. They looked at it, wondering what was inside but still confused and shocked by the random encounter with the man. They looked up at eachother again until Luke finally yelled " What's inside?!". James quickly opened the envelope, revealing 2 pairs of car keys and pieces of paper with an address. The two brothers were confused and did not know what to do with the package they had just received. After some confusion and discussion, they decide to store it in their safe, just in-case someone came by looking for it.

    The next morning, they woke up to loud knocks on their garage door. They answered the door, only to see 2 men in suits glaring back at them with stone hard faces. They introduced themselves as detectives and showed them a mug shot of a young male. The detectives then asked if either of the two brothers had seen the man in the photo. The brothers both denied seeing him and, out of curiosity, asked what the guy had done.

    The detectives quickly said that the man in the photo was wanted for stealing cars and that he was last spotted around the area. The detectives told the two brothers to keep an eye out as they could possibly be targeted.

    Once the detectives left, the two brothers looked at eachother with shocked expressions. They quickly connected the dots and realized that the guy in the photo was the same guy from the night before. "What should we do?" They asked one another. Let the detectives know? Turn the keys in? Maybe. The brothers decided to at least go check out the address written on the paper that was inside the package along with the two car keys. As they approached the address, they saw two shiny lamborghini sitting on a driveway in front of a big house. They decided to leave their car parked in a parking lot, further away from the house and walk there instead. With the keys in their hands they walked up to both vehicles and tried to open them. click The doors were unlocked and Luke opened the door. He smiled and got into the lamborghini. James yelled in a muffled tone "What's wrong with you? We're going to get caught!". Luke laughed, "Come on! Look! There's no one here! We need this!”. The brothers argued on the street for some time. Their father did not raise them this way but eventually, they both agreed that this could help their business out tremendously. "Alright, but only this one time!" Said James. "Don't tell anyone about this! And we have to get rid of them fast!". Luke smiled and exclaimed "Wooohooo!l, this is going to be fun!"

    Fun it was. They raced home through the countryside, back to their garage. Once home, they noticed a man sitting on their porch looking pretty sketchy. The brothers pulled up to the house and demanded to know why the man was there. "Hey! Hey! Hey! I don't want any trouble! I see you went to go pick up the cars!" The two brothers stopped and let the man continue. "Look, I only gave you those keys because I needed time. I knew those cops were after me". "Well, you're not getting these cars. They're not yours and we're keeping them!" growled Luke as he reached into his back pocket and took out a wrench. "I don't want the cars... I want the money we'll get from them.” he said, while smirking. “ Those cars are too hot, the police will be looking for them everywhere". The brothers realized that he was right and they asked him what he was planning to do with them. The man explained how he stole cars and sold them for a living. He offered them a cut for picking up the vehicles. Knowing that besides turning the cars in and leaving empty handed, this was their only option. They decided to cooperate with the man. After all, they needed the money. They promised themselves that it was only for their father's business.

    After the deal was done, the brothers received their cut and the man later identified himself as Seth. They promised Seth that this was a one time thing, and they did not want to be involved in any criminal activities. "Alright, whatever.. if you change your mind just holler at me" said Seth as he passed them a phone. "Just click 1 to speed dial me."

    The two brothers rolled their eyes and walked back inside to their office.


    The thousands of dollars they received from selling the cars to the black market benefited The Saints in tremendous ways. They were able to buy new equipment, certifications for their business, and new licensing. Things were going decently well. They were able to hire a few more people to help their business out and they were soon ready for the next steps for their business.

    Realizing they did not have enough money to expand their business, as they now had to pay their employees and renew their new licenses, they struggled financially for some time. They held countless meetings and discussions with their business partners on how to improve themselves. They made little progress, but not enough.

    Finally, after some time. James decided to dig up the old phone Seth had given them... he speed dialed him and he heard someone answer the call. "I'll be there in an hour" and then the call dropped.

    James, Luke, and Seth All met up and decided to work together to create one whole operation. New things were coming for The Saints and they were coming fast. The Saints were excited for the new chapter in their business and ready for any challenges presented to them.

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    Drive around San Andreas with your car and repair other player's vehicules. Being respectful and helpful are the watchwords of the technicians. They are car, motorbike, truck lovers therefore they will work hard to fix their client's vehicules.

    Driving around San Andreas, looking for a car to steal, the carjackers will have to pick the lock the car they found. Once in the car, they will have to drive it to a safe place, without being spotted by the police and the car's owner. Here, the carjackers' job is done he will get well paid and the Company will take care of selling the car as fast as possible.


    1. Repair your vehicle at any location you request as long as you stay in the area you called us from.

    2. Repair all vehicles in your disk! Just ask any mechanic if they could repair all the cars in your disk! If they're available they will be happy to do so!

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    HQ Team


    Vice Chairman

    General Manager


    Carjacking Division :

    Car Boosters Managers

    Car Boosters


    Car Boosters Trainee




    Mechanics Division :

    Mechanic Managers

    Approved Technician


    Apprentice Mechanic




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    If you want to part of the family, you can apply with this form below:

    **Nationality and spoken languages:**
    **Rate your English level (1-10):**
    **Rate your Roleplaying skills (1-10):**
    **Since when do you play SAES:RPG:**
    **Previous organizations and the reasons why you left:**
    **Current Group/Squad/Gang:**
    **What do you know about us?:**
    **Why do you want to join The Saints?:**
    **Which branch of the group do you prefer? (Mechanic or Carjacking Division):**
    **Why should we accept you?:**
    **Write a short RP story about your in-game character (As mechanic or Carjacker) :**
    **Tell us more about you (atleast 150words):**
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  • Nickname: ka0z
    Username: ICE|ka0z|ssHQ
    Age: 17

    Nationality and spoken languages: English - Bulgarian
    Rate your English level (1-10): 7
    Rate your Roleplaying skills (1-10): 8

    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: 2 years
    Previous organizations and the reasons why you left: N/A
    Current Group/Squad/Gang: Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE)
    What do you know about us?: The Saints work is to steal cars , mechanic fix them and sale to the black market.

    Why do you want to join The Saints?: Becouse i like to fix and work with cars - I love them
    Which branch of the group do you prefer? (Mechanic or Carjacking Division): Them two
    Tell us more about you: I am 17 years old , I live in Capital of Bulgaria - Sofia with my family
    Why should we accept you?: Becouse i am so active - playing 10 12 hours a day , i can help mechanics and carjacking members from TS

  • @ka0z Decent application, therefore HQ team has decided to give you a chance, you are now in a probationnary period. We want to see you more in the next activities and you might be promoted to a fully member.

    Best Regards,

  • Nickname: ilyass
    Username: Tomato

    Nationality and spoken languages: Morocco / englich
    Rate your English level (1-10): 7
    Rate your Roleplaying skills (1-10): 6

    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: 5 months
    Previous organizations and the reasons why you left:N/A
    Current Group/Squad/Gang:Delievry man
    What do you know about us?:fix car and mechanic job

    Why do you want to join The Saints?:because i love to fix cars
    Which branch of the group do you prefer? (Mechanic or Carjacking Division):two
    Why should we accept you?:becaus im so active and i like job fix cars

    Write a short RP story about your in-game character (As mechanic or Carjacker) :mechanic
    Tell us more about you (atleast 150words):im ilyass 17years old i live in morocco whit my family

  • Nickname: Hoel300
    Username: diopongo
    Age: 21

    Nationality and spoken languages: Italian /English
    Rate your English level (1-10): 6
    Rate your Roleplaying skills (1-10): 8/9

    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: 2013
    Previous organizations and the reasons why you left: SAFP Left because of a misunderstanding with report.
    Current Group/Squad/Gang: /
    What do you know about us?: I see your worker in LVx and i want to join in The Saints.

    Why do you want to join The Saints?: Il want doing a mechanic gruops.
    Which branch of the group do you prefer? (Mechanic or Carjacking Division): Mechanic but if you want Carjacker
    Why should we accept you?: Because im a rp player and i do my best for my work. so please give me 1 chance.