San Andreas Interceptors

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Safety, Service and Security
We are many, we are one

Last updated 17th of April, 2021

Group Information
Group: San Andreas Interceptors
Founded by: Kasimir, Yuu & Byars
Founded in: 2012?
Member count: ~
Spawn Colour; #323264
Group Colours; #434994 & #ffffff
Group Motto: Safety, Service & Security
Group Tag(s): Firstname_Lastname, Rank.Lastname

Base Information
Base Location: Randolph Industrial Estates, LV
Interior mapping: bas260
Exterior mapping: bas260
Emergency Vehicle count: 33

Group partners
Pro Cops; They can use our base for roleplay purposes whenever.

San Andreas Interceptors is a specialized state law enforcement unit whose main role is enforcing the law and protecting the citizens of San Andreas on its Highways and Interstates. Our main role consists of highway- and interstate law enforcement. To do this we set up Roadblocks and DUI Checkpoints when necessary. We weigh and check the freight of trucks driving around San Andreas. And usually, you'll find us patrolling the highways.

We are yours, San Andreas
It is our privilege to serve our golden home. We've driven your roads for quite some time Perhaps you've seen our colours A shining point of light amidst your vast and varied landscape. In the desert and the forest. From the mountains to the sea.
A road is a place we call home. A world of asphalt and concrete. Rubber and Steel. We are boots on the ground. We are wings in the air. Two wheels and four. We are blood and sweat. Tried and true. We come from every walk of life. And we are many, yet we are one.

San Andreas Interceptors is a special vehicle interceptor unit. It all started in 2012 when the need for a policing unit that solely operated Highway was required. Due to the rising danger created by the growing amount of road users. So, therefore, the Department of Justice in San Andreas assigned 2 Police Officers. Kasimir & Yuu.

San Andreas Interceptors first base was located in north Flint County adjacent to 4 of the 6 county's in San Andreas this position gave SAI an advantage as a rural police agency. Yet this did not provide a direct connection to the Highway which SAI was meant for. However, no funding was available to move to a new location as the base had just been made. For years SAI had been stationed in this base and it worked well.

Through the years of staying in this location, the San Andreas Interceptors made plans to move to a new location that was more centrally located and that had a direct connection to the Highways and Interstates of San Andreas. In 2017 during the time of Commissioner Ardron Dawson, a new location was acquired and construction began at the Randolph Industrial Estates in South Las Venturas. The 6 storage buildings that were there were demolished and the construction supervised by Chief Thomas Reed. The then Chief designed the building to fit every need. The buildings designation is to be the central hub for law enforcement where the local and state meet and work together closely. The new building interior would include 3 holding facilities, Offices with 10+ workstations for the processing of suspects, Evidence Storage, Training and instruction rooms, a Shooting Range, Interrogation room and a full-size cafeteria.

Outside you'll find a small garage containing tools to repair vehicles when they're damaged. We also have our own gas station and dock just south of the base. 2 helicopters can land on the base its roof. The base is also equipped with advanced radio technology to ensure communication is always optimal between our Troopers.

In the same year of 2017 construction had finished and everything was moved into the new location. Commissioners Ardron ''Ardron'' Dawson, Joey ''Blade'' Oak & Henry ''Henry'' Fernandez. Together with Chief Paul ''Toreno'' Martin, Len ''Absent'' Robinson and Thomas ''Bas'' Reed the Commissioner started a new era for the San Andreas Interceptors.

The previous ranks structure; Deputy, Sergeant, Captain, Commander, Chief & Commissioner was let go off. It was changed to a more fitting system for its time. Time passed and so did Commissioner Ardron ''Ardron'' Dawson and Joey ''Blade'' Oak their time.

After years of hard work Thomas ''Bas'' Reed was sworn in as Commissioner. During Thomas his time as Commissioner the group has undergone many changes one of those being assembling a new team to lead the Unit in these times where good law enforcement officers are hard to find. The first to join Reed's team were James ''Joe'' McNulty and long-serving and respected law enforcement officer Andrei ''iTsMe'' Mookie.

After a long period of serving Thomas ''Bas'' Reed stepped down along with James ''Joe'' McNulty and Andrei ''iTsMe'' Mookie. They were all honoured and given a place on the Honorary wall.

Due to several reasons Commissioner Reed has recently gotten back into the business and is serving as Commissioner once again. Making him one of the longest-serving commissioners going on 4 years now. This was accompanied by the promotion of Sergeant Stone, Swagger and Dupont to Captain.

San Andreas Interceptors Roster

Commissioner's Office (Leadership)
2262 - πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Commissioner Thomas Reed (( @bas260 ))
2263 - πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄ Deputy Commissioner Ardron Dawson (( @Ardron ))
2275 - Assistant Commissioner (( @Rocoso ))

Captain (HQ)
2267 - πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Captain Frank Stone (( @SAFP-Stone ))
0000 - Captain (( @anas ))

SAI Supervisor (Liason)
2287 - πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Captain Derek Dagger (( @luke ))
2264 - βšͺ Captain Len Robinson (( @Absent ))

Other members

Many Commissioners have been at the wheel since the creating of San Andreas Interceptors.
Here, you can find those who have led and or helped SAI in the past and are considered Honorary. These people are allowed to stay in the group regardless of inactivity.

Rules & Regulations

  • SAI is a Roleplay Group, when you're on duty always offer the chance to roleplay and react for people who you attempt to pull over. You mean even try to initiate it when the vehicle pursuit ended by the suspect car crashing.
  • Respect and obey the server rules.
  • In SAI you have to maintain a reputation. Players in SAI are Roleplay makers. We expect good role plays organised by our members.
  • Stay in your role outside the base. When you leave the base you act your role. When you leave the base you're in your role. So when you do you're required to wear your RP name. (You are allowed to attend events as SAI. Remember it's only an event when there is LWS or an Admin on sight. Do not go to it if there isn't one there.)
  • Respect the other SAI members. Do not argue and if you have issues with another player in SAI report it to your superior.
  • SAI has a hierarchy. You must follow the Higher ranked commands.
  • You are not allowed to go to Bank Robberies, Store robberies and/or Turf Wars.

( Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the appropriate punishment. This may be a warning level or result in the offender being removed from SAI. Have you seen any SAI breaking these rules? Please contact any member of the HQ team. )

Rank Structure & Roles
Our rank structure has been slowly changing over the years. In 2015 suggestions were made to change the rank structure containing the; deputy, inspector, captain, commander and chief rank. In 2017 a majority of the Leadership of SAI approved a change to the rank system. Taking into advice the information provided by DevilJ and Epic SAI's ranks were changed to (lowest to highest); cadet trooper, state trooper, state trooper I & II, sergeant I & II, staff sergeant I & II, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain and commissioner.

Later on, when the activity went down again we cut down on the number of ranks. We simplified the ranks as a base we used a system that's used by SWAT that SeBa wrote. It's a system where if you're interested in a rank you can just obtain it after reviewing by the leadership.

The other big change in 2018 was that Commissioner will not be spoken to directly anymore everyone will have a task. Troopers will report their problems to their direct superior.
Of course, anyone may contact a member of the HQ at all times regardless. But we prefer to give everyone some level of responsibility.
Sergeant. A sergeant is a person responsible for 5 Troopers.

Every sergeant then has 1 Captain above him.
The Captain is someone who leads a group of 3 Sergeants (15 Troopers and 3 Sergeants in total). He is to oversee the activity of the Sergeants under his command and keep his members informed. Maintains SAI as a group as well as overseen day to day activity. Maintains the forums and fulfils inactive ranks to maintain an active status. The Captains are the HQ's and are the people you'll be in contact with regarding questions.

Emergency Vehicles
3x Police LS
6x Police SF
6x Police LV
4x Police Rancher
2x FBI Rancher
2x FBI Truck
1x Enforcer
3x HPV 1000
1x S.W.A.T.
2x Police Helicopter
2x Predator
Civilian Vehicles
1x Bullet
1x Admiral
1x Bus
Donation vehicles in SAI Base
4x Police LS
2x FBI Rancher
6? x Police LV