Corona is real!

  • Hello SAES Community,

    please don't take this as a scare tactic or something else and please don't troll because it could affect you or your nearby people or even your own family!

    The Corona Virus is spreading more and more and it's definitly time to think seriously about how to prepare for the worst case scenario. Since the amount of new infections in asia lowered down, Europe is the new epicentre.
    Italy, France and Spain already did a curfew to prevent the virus from spreading further to give the scientists time to find a cure against it. Germany closed their borders today and only the transport of goods and commuters can pass though.

    I'm not up to spread panic to you guys but I want to remember you to be prepared for the worst case scenario, because nobody knows how long this crisis lasts.

    If you don't have supplies for at least 4 weeks then you should do it right now, and after you've purchased enough then go out and buy what you need for your daily needs. Always keep in mind to take care of the necessary safety preparations like:

    • Wash your hand before/after you touch something
    • Keep a minimum distance to other people for at least 1-2 meters
    • Don't cough/sneeze directly to other people
    • The overuse of sanitizer won't help you and damages your hands, use it only if needed or if you think that you got in direct contact with someone who got this virus or is sick. Soap is enough in normal cases!
    • Minimize your social interactions (Clubs, Parties, etc.)

    These measures help to prevent the virus from spreading and also prevent you from getting sick. It's not a 100% guarantee but it helps!

    Again, this is not to scare you but when you adapt your behaviour (and keep it after this crisis) then it will help that a situation like we have now will not happen (or at least not been so worse) again!

    Thank you for reading this and take care of you and others!

    Regards Ghost722nd

  • Thanks for the tips man! Also, everyone remember, the virus is not lethal for most of the people, but it is indeed very dangerous for old people and others with some diseases. So when thinking about ignoring the measurements the governments out there are applying in each country, don't think about you being the one getting sick but the people that are part of your family core which might not be as healthy as you are!

    Remember also that sometimes the virus can be asymptomatic so don't give it for granted if you feel ok or people around you feel ok, it's better to prevent than to be sorry. Take care everyone ๐Ÿ˜„ .

  • Stay home, play MTA. You might think you are young, your immunity system is good enough to survive but you must think of other people and realize the speed of this virus spreading. Read about South Korea's Patient 31 and you'll understand the case properly if you haven't realized the seriousness of the virus yet.

  • the cases rise insanely fast in Estonia but I still feel like it's hella overhyped, why the fuck are they buying all of the potatoes from the store and toilet paper, just wash your hands and avoid human contact that much

    need to start eating ramen soon like @NubBob

  • The medias and the news stress people way too much and they start panicking. By panicking your immune system becomes weaker and the chances of you getting infected do actually increase. My solutions was simple. I stopped watching the news because they constantly talk about how dangerous it is. Also it is not normal if you stay at home all day for 2 3 weeks, like literally grow up you should at least go for a 10 min walk and at least go to the shop if you think that will keep u safe well ur very wrong mate. Your body requires fresh air so stop being too pathetic about the virus. As i said it's dangerous to old people or to drama queens. Another word that is way too OVERHYPED!


    Poland doesn't let lithuanians pass their border from Germany to Poland, that lithuanians could come back home, so lithuanians blocked their border roads.

  • germany closed bars & clubs, but go wรถrk with ~1000+ mens. young people go only work, eat, sleep, trying buy toilet paper, repeat, only of respect to old people. also me driving tought my village: old people sitting in mass on caffee, going on walks & other shit... this is corona germany, not to mention the super retarded mens buying toilet papers for next 10y+.
    taking serious like washing hands & shit, but if i want go to bbq with ~ friends, than iam deffinitly going to do, alone my first 10mins at work when going getting coffee = more dangerous than ~10 weekends with bbq partys. what we should really take serious, is making fun of panicing people mens & old people wich goes everyday on mass to drink coffee.. drink atleast beer at home like my neighbouer

  • just #stayhome

  • Stop listening to medias ! CJ knows the best !

  • Hey y'all take this seriously I am in colombia stuck cannot go outside home neither to a ciber or returning to Venezuela borders frontier no laptop to play only the phone.take care and don't go out for your own safety

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