Ventura's Tunings
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    • Group name: Ventura's Tunings

    • Group tags: VT|Name|Rank

    • Group motto: -

    • Date of creation: 8/11/2017

    • Group color code: #F5723C

    • Group role: Our role is tweaking cars for people who arrange from us or they can browse our classifications. Fundamental role is to sell however much as could be expected custom cars we make. Our mechanics are working on engine damages and upgrading them, and our tuners are installing special parts on cars in modification shop (spoilers, bumpers etc.).


    • 21 November, 2014

    In 2015, youthful mechanic, Jure Livajich was endeavoring to make his name with his aptitudes with giving redesigns on autos which is unlawful for avenues. Since he was young man who was attempting to get himself to finish everything, individuals were continually supposing he lost his brain. No one was his ally. Indeed, even his folks were contemplating to show him out of house in his age 20 since he was continually dragging police back there. He was and continually getting pursued by police and he made a great deal of inconveniences to his dad who claimed a solid organization of developments.

    • 10 June, 2015

    On his birthday, he chose to move out of house and begin another life in San Andreas, US. He moved to Los Santos to begin his own particular carport and shop. He was acting as mechanic for a long time with old person Joe who were continually repairing something in his carport. Jure took in more things from him as he was watching and serving to old Joe. Joe possessed an auto part shop in Dillimore "Watson Automotive" where he was offering parts and utilized old cars.

    • 28 July, 2017

    Old Joe Watson passed away in 28 of July 2017 and Jure felt sad about it, he was pondering leaving Los Santos, yet he dropped that thought since he needed to begin something new out of Joe's shop. He chose to put all cash he had in new carports and properties to make new and more grounded sorts of vehicles. As he was looking around on sreets individuals are driving cutting edge cars with enormous motors and diverse models of body, he chose to get into that bussines. In summer of 2017, he met Camilo in Los Santos and he progressed toward becoming companions with him. Camilo was solid legal counselor in Los Santos and he was additionally doing bussines around properties. Camilo helped Jure with properties for his new task and they were on path with it.

    • 4 November, 2017

    Camilo and Jure were driving around to locate some new properties and they met one person with some exceptionally bizzare car, Alexander. He was additionally customing cars by his own particular and they were gabbing with him. After Alexander chose to help them both with Jure's task, they began with customing cars and selling them to people around in Los Santos.


    with Organization Zero since 05/03/2018

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    ►Media archives

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    ►Car catalog ~ Shop

    List of cars until 21/06/2018 - link text

    List of cars from 21/06/2018 - link text



    This is meeting house and working garage which VT members use it. Los Santos, Idlewood.


    This is safe house where VT members spend a lot of time. San Fierro, Ocean Flats.


    This is Auto Part Shop owned by Reggi. He signed his store on Ventura's Tunings. East Beach, Los Santos.


    This is Automotive shop which Jure got from Joe Watson after he passed away. VT's team is using it to finish cars in garage and sell them from there. Red County, Dillimore.


    This is mechanic's garage where VT-Team are repairing people their cars. It is owned by Mr. Rema, who gave us permission to use garage and property. San Fierro, Downtown.


    This is secret hideout where Ventura's Tunings member hide their illegal parts. They hide their stolen parts and shipments, too. Mostly time, VT members are here just to avoid police. San Fierro, Chinatown Back Alley.


    This is hideout placed in Los Santos. VT members use this to hide their stolen / illegal parts. Los Santos, Unity Station.


    This is testing center which Ventura's Tunings members use for testing their vehicles which they just made. Property is owned by Mr. Gengar, who decided to sign property on VT. San Fierro, Doherty.


    This is Trans Fender which Mr.SiirTuga signed on Ventura's Tunings so tuners from team could increase some skills in tuning cars. Los Santos, Temple.




    • Master customizer / Leader - head of all courses but mostly working with customizers, member who raised team on feet.

    • Manager - co-leader and most respected; there's for new applicants and he's HQ for all courses

    • Expert customizer - skilled designer of automobiles from custom garage; customizers' HQ; leader's right hand and most respected; next one for taking over business if current master customizer moves from position

    • Adept customizer - experienced designer of automobiles from custom garage; authorized for vehicle dealership (marketing)

    • Master tuner - head of tuning course; tuners' HQ, making decisions about new tuners

    • Master mechanic - head of mechanizations course; mechanics' HQ, making decisions about new mechanics

    • Customizer - team's official designer of cars; customizes cars in LV custom garage for his HQs

    • Tuner - team's official modifier of cars; modifies cars in San Andreas modshops (Trans Fender worker)

    • Beginning customizer - newbie with customizing; learning to design cars from zero for increasing skills

    • Beginning tuner - newbie with tuning; learning to modify cars to make them best looking in San Andreas modshops (Trans Fender)

    • Newbie mechanic - probation; after they pass some time of being probation, they'll choose their course for future

    ►Members' list

    Master Customizer [MC]

      • Juky

    Manager [MNG]

      • SweeT

    Expert Customizer [EC]

      • Rubisel

    Adept Customizer [AC]

      • GranD
      • Cornelius

    Master Tuner [MT]

      • Vladimir
      • Licano

    Master Mechanic [MM]

      • Reggi
      • Access
      • Dopeen

    Customizer [C]

      • Rotta
      • Tilong
      • Flame
      • Kewqz

    Tuner [T]

      • Steve
      • Ziad
      • Dylan

    Mechanic [M]

      • Toni °
      • Kostadin
      • Nikki
      • Maxine
      • Brooks
      • killer
      • Cerla

    Beginning Customizer [BC]

      • Frenned
      • RaZeR
      • GanJa

    Beginning Tuner [BT]

      • Nav
      • Figmash
      • Th0r*
      • soulfly
      • Pato

    Newbie Mechanic [NM]

      • Ivan °
      • Tokyo °
      • TioPlay °
      • M3M3
      • Demonio
      • Karma
      • Tyga
      • markus_


    • Follow all the server rules and obey administrators
    • Listen and respect high-ranked members and do not insult people in main talk or local chat or something like that.
    • Take after your part and pretend as much as you can.
    • Be friendly with everybody and do not disregard whoever approach you for help.
    • Eventually, make the most of your opportunity and have some good times.

    ►Application format

    -English proficiency:
    -Why would you like to join us?:
    -How you will benefit us?:
    -Character roleplay backstory:

    ►VT's old topic

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    ►Discord Channel

  • -Nickname: Cerla
    -Username: jon852
    -Age: 17
    -English proficiency: 8/10
    -Why would you like to join us?: I would like to join you because I want to have fun with you and I would like to help this group with my activity
    -How you will benefit us?: Activity, good behavior and fun 24/7
    -Character roleplay backstory: Joseph's childhood was nice and with no troubles. In school, he had good grades and his parents were very proud of him. Through the years, he started with showing interests in cars and he followed his father's steps. His father was mechanic in small town back in 1980s. Joseph is now 20 years old man who's looking for new experiences in his life. He met few guys from Ventura's Tunings team and he started with showing interests in their job, which is creating cars and repairing.

  • @cerla . Thank you for your interests, I would like to say that you're welcome to our group.


  • -Nickname: Filex
    -Username: medtheman
    -Age: 18
    -English proficiency: i would rather say 8/10
    -Why would you like to join us?: Venturas Turning is a real original idea group that i would like to say that i want to change the routine in saes and help as much as i can Indeed i have many friends in VT
    -How you will benefit us?: i can give as much as i can, with any kindness and acceptable attitude, plus i can help in everything that is in relation with the media or topic posts
    -Character roleplay backstory: Med Filex was born in the middle of Los Santos in the 7th of april 1990, he had a special ambation in painting things, this obsession grew with him with years until he became able to join a designing university and learn more about the complex basics of designing, After finishing his studying years he went with a friend of his father ricardo - who had a car house that prepare new designs for the main house- he learnt more about vehicle mechanics and components. Indeed he gain the much experience to lead the house after ricardo's death but he wasnt satisfied so he left to the current house controlling the market with the name Venturas Tunning.

  • -Nickname: Tyga
    -Username: mustafa1592002
    -Age: 16
    -English proficiency: maybe six out of ten
    -Why would you like to join us?: because i love car works such as upgrading and modifying it. also i want to show some activity to this group. my brother talked with me about this group, he's Access.
    -How you will benefit us?: i am active for like 5-6 hours in game so this may be useful to help VT with their activities. plus i know how to use rp skills like /me and /do.
    -Character roleplay backstory: Tyga was born in local area called Tierra Robada, with very hot weather and desert natural, my father took us to somewhere at Los Santos to work there with my family. they were working as mechanics around that state, and i started from that point. been searching for any company for car works like upgrading and modifying but nothing. at the end of the road i found company named Ventura's Tunings for this role.

  • @Filex , application has been dropped since you cancelled it. Thank you and good luck in future.

    @tyga , after we discussed about you, we decided to give you more time since you're new around. Get known between our members, have some work and fun with us so we can give you final result

  • @tyga We had good experience with you and im happy to say that you are welcome to our group, Accepted

  • Deleted Post

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    Nickname: [B~B]Patrick
    Username: error1974
    Age: almost 17
    English proficiency: 8-9/10
    Why would you like to join us?: Well, I want to join this group because I really like car/motorcycle works, upgrading them, costumizing and modifying all kind of vecihles. This group is also doing great stuff so I want to be part of it. Also I spoke with some VT members and at the end Juky inspired me to join this group.
    How you will benefit us?: I can make some great activities, I'm very active player, I can make all kind of activities and post them in your media archive. I'm also not a player that is rulebreaking, I play with rules, I respect people and I always behave nice.
    Character roleplay backstory: It was a long time ago, when Pato was born. Even he was a young boy, he always wanted to do mechanical stuff, he was all day in the workshop. One day, when he grew up, he met few guys from Ventura's Tunings. They were talking about cars, motorcycles, and all the things they do. They inspired him, so he talked with their leader, If he can work with them. Ofcourse, they friendly accepted and invited him to their group. They're doing their job well, and they cant stop making new unique projects.

  • -Nickname: BlaZZey
    -Username: kalevipoeg
    -Age: 15
    -English proficiency: Pretty decent, I would give it a 7 or an 8 out of 10.

    -Why would you like to join us?: Because I have always worked around cars and being an ex VT member, I would like to join back and advertise VT all the time and provide it with quality events and roleplays.
    Also, I'm pretty good at making custom cars but I'm also a good salesman. Being the HQ of The Motor Heads requires a lot of hard work and knowledge of cars and it needs to I'm ready for VT once again.

    -How you will benefit us?: I would benefit VT with various roleplays, events and quality activity checks. I'm also quite active and I could always represent VT with the proper tags. I follow the rules, I respect other people that are playing amongst me in the server. I have changed from the last time of being in VT, so I'm more ready than ever.

    -Character roleplay backstory: Oscar was born in Whetstone, the home to rednecks and loud tractors. His father was a farmer and his mother worked at a grocery store as a manager so he had a pretty good childhood but he was always amazed by cars. Especially the fast ones that drive around Las Venturas because LV is known for casinos, big properties, and luxury cars. He did not have siblings so he was the only child in the family. He finished High School in San Fierro and wanted to move out to Las Venturas to become a mechanic but he did not have an education for that. He knew one guy called Juky, he was the Founder & Current owner of Venturas Tunings. And Oscar needed to get some lessons how to work around cars and how to change several parts. Juky taught him everything and later took him to his workshop as a Probationary worker, so he could see how much Oscar has improved. He passed his Probationary stage and became a full-time employee of Venturas Tunings.

    Nowadays they're working together to improve the company and upgrade luxury cars. They have earned respect and amazing reputation because of their wonderful work what they do to cars. It takes time to upgrade the cars but Venturas Tunings is all about perfection and patience.

  • @Pato , your interests are very hard to join VT, that was thing I saw about you. I would like to say that you are welcome to our group. I hope we're going to have good time.


  • ►-Nickname:
    ►-English proficiency:
    ►-Why would you like to join us?:
    because i have experience in car works and modding cars and and it's very nice idea to create group like that and i can help
    ►-How you will benefit us?:
    i can share my respectful and help and my active as im good at modding cars and repairing and role plays and more
    ►-Character roleplay backstory:]~
    ok, there was some one named joe and joe was a good person that he was helping his dad and his mom and he was getting high marks in school but he people in school was not respecting him there was only his friend helped him and he was defending him and one day when he gone to school he found 3 people from school was talking about him that they was talking on him bad when every one saw him they say bad words on him with there friends and when he back from school he found his dad died ☹ ☠ and he was crying alot because he loves his dad and he was helping him in work his dad was working a mechanic guy and he loved to help him after he died there is no one working to get money for the home so he decided to work instead of his dad every one loved him in working and joe was not going to school he was gaining money for his mom was tired and she got cancer he was working night and morning to gain any money for the cancer 1 day there is some one donated him that he will buy anything for the cancer that his mom in and will help him in his small shop of mechanic and they have been friends and they continued the life.

    btw i can say more in this story but it's too big xd

  • @blazzey , we would like to announce to you that we'll give you one more chance. I hope I wont regret this, you're welcome now and I believe you wont mess up this time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Spectre, I'm sorry for taking this for too long, if you still have interests for joining Ventura's Tunings, we would like to meet you in-game for further details. In this time, we saw you're good helper and guy with nothing but amazing behavior, keep it up.


  • -Nickname: Lance
    -Username: calebb
    -Age: 16
    -English proficiency: Pretty decent, I would give it a 7 out of 10

    -Why would you like to join us?: I want to join VT, because it looks like a really interesting group.they look really skilled in combat and teamwork
    -How you will benefit us?: I would benefit VT with rps,events,activities,loyalty bring new members and teamworking

    -Character roleplay backstory: I was born in Las Ventures,Head of the family working in Bone county to heliping my familly because my familly poor. Me and my father working as mech. I was searching a organization like moddification cars and updagtes.