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    Who is Ballas?

    They Wears purple color. It is believed to indicate respect in the streets. Or is it a criminal? Origins covered in mystery. Was heavily involved in the cocaine trade. It is believed that it is developing relations with the Mexican gangs (with drugs) and the Russian mafia (with arms). Even the police have failed their attempts to infiltrate mainly to arrest their members. It is believed to be uncontrollable.
    -The Ballas is an African American street gang based in Las Ventauras. Most of their lands can be found in the poorest / most dilapidated neighborhoods to the far east of the city. They are involved in gangs, gang warfare, street violence, prostitution, gang-related killing, murder, drug trafficking / manufacture (especially cocaine trade), weapon operation / arms smuggling, sabotage, and degradation. it is easily recognizable by wearing purple clothes as the color of her gang.

    -Ballas has been around since the 1970s specific information about where or how they formed is unknown.and it has long-standing and bloody competition with the cripz families. The start date of the competition is unknown, but it was in full swing by 1987.

    -During 1992,Ballas attempted to assassinate the leader of the Cripz family in an attempt to occupy Los Santos, as Ballas shot from a car at his home. However, instead of killing the leader, Ballas killed his wife and hence the problems started.

    -The first loss for Ballas has faced (especially Came a lot) is that one of Idlewood's major crack homes has been destroyed by Cripz in an attempt to minimize the impact of the crack on their neighborhoods.

    -During this difficult period, Ballas became the strongest and most dominant gang once again, which they kept throughout the rest of the story while building on their commercial ties with the Big Smoke Crack empire, Los inkas, and the Russian mafia. They are also hired by Big Smoke to provide protection against cocaine and money.

    -Cripz carried out an operation called the Lethal Weapon which is the death of the Palas gang and the death toll was in the hundreds.

    In the year 2000, only a few gang members who had been in prison for 10 years were left

    Drug trafficking and manufacture/Arms trafficking/Security and protection prostitution

    Drug trafficking and manufacture: Palace began making low-quality weapons at first, but when he got to know his allies, he has been making professional-quality weapons since then,
    One of the problems in transferring weapons from Africa to America, but he managed to find a way to solve the problem by opening a factory there, called the "Palace Factory"
    Arms trafficking: ballas work to keep transport missions and then trade in weapons a secret. Therefore, he bought cars capable of crossing the borders without anyone suspecting that this method was very successful. He sold more than 1000 boxes packed with weapons.
    Security and protection prostitution: Ballas has assigned a special team to protect prostitutes and is equipped with the best weapons and equipment

    Gang Panel Full Name: The~BallaS
    Gang Founders: @JukyPlatinium @Wittii
    Gang HQs: @Remp @Razak
    Gang Motto: Don't fuck with the Ballas, baby! We go out in a blaze!
    Gang Code Colour:
    #2C004C General
    #2C004C Cars
    Gang Tag: BallaS|>Name
    Gang Helper Tag: Homie|>Name
    Gang Alliance: N/A

    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/8vrjjdPfQQ
    Media Archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/16089/ballas-media-archive
    OG / Original Gangster: a respected, influential and respected member. The one who does much
    [LVL6]Leader: The Ballas King.
    [LVL5]ViceLeader: The right hand of leader.
    [LVL4]HeadQuarter: The source of orders and the coordinator between the members in the missions.
    [LVL3]Bal-Less: indicates that he is of a high rank.
    [LVL2]Thug Balla: A dedicated member of military activities.
    [LVL1]Balla: an amateur member.
    [LVL0]Killa: New member with little experience.
    [Helper]Homie: contemporary street slang - indicating a friend and assistant ballas.
    Current Roster:
    [LVL6]Leader: Wittii
    [LVL5]ViceLeader: Razak
    [LVL4]HeadQuarter: The-Best1 ( Remp )
    [LVL3]Bal-Less: N/A
    [LVL2]Thug Balla: N/A
    [LVL1]Balla: L!on , Sohayb .
    [LVL0]Killa: Tevzz , Floxy , gangoman,pazu ,star, remaked .

    1. Follow F1 rules at all the time.
    2. Listen and understand whatever a player wearing SAES> Tag is telling [email protected] @SAES-Member.
    3. Arguing, Flaming or Insulting in mainchat will get you kicked or warned with no exceptions.
    4. Be friendly with any player that speak to you. Dont be rude until you dont know what this person want or tell you. In case that he/she say something inappropriate, just ignore it. If he keeps doing it, contact and HQ, but do not start a flame war.
    5. HQ Team word is the last.
    6. Do not speak any other language different from english in the mainchat.
    7. Always assist your team mates, remember that we are a family.
    8. If you having any problem with a member, report immediately to a HQ, do not started flame war on CC.
    9 . Use your common sense, just because a rule is not on this list it doesnt mean if do something inappropriate you gonna get punish anyway

    1-Personal information:
    Languages spoken:
    From 0 to 10, how would you rate your english proficiency? (?/10):
    Tell us more about your self:
    2-Skills information:
    English language (0/10):
    Roleplaying skills (0/10):
    Driving skills (0/10):
    3-Previous information:
    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG? (Please mention any inactivity absenses & forum time too):
    What previous gangs/squads/companies you have been in?:
    Why have you left the above?:
    What the groups are you currently a part of?:
    Previous server bans and reasons (include links):
    In your own words, explain who we Ballas are:

  • Here we go again, i have no idea why all new gangs create their backstory as enemy of cripz
    Anyway good luck

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    Here we go again, i have no idea why all new gangs create their backstory as enemy of cripz
    Anyway good luck

    Because your gang sucks. B'z up C'z down we were always better.
    Anyways, good luck @Witti 'n' make sure to beat those bitch ass cKrabz in any possible way.

  • @DopeSlanga I cant see any bloodz arround , where are they ?

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    1-Personal information:

    Nickname: DustyLoc
    Username: Bacon142
    Age: 14
    Country: Slovenia
    Languages spoken: English and Slovene
    From 0 to 10, how would you rate your english proficiency? (?/10): 8,5
    Tell us more about your self: Hello my name is Domen im 14 years old I live in Slovenia,I have an oler brother.I train boxing and basketball in real life as well. In my free time I like to play SAES or just any interesting game in general.

    2-Skills information:
    English language (0/10): 8
    Roleplaying skills (0/10): 7
    Driving skills (0/10): 9
    Strengths: I am very good at shooting actions,roleplays,parachuting.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes i have issues with my ping thats wabout it.

    3-Previous information:
    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG? (Please mention any inactivity absenses & forum time too): I have been play SAES for about 4 years.I created my forum acc on 14. january 2020 because i forgot the password for the other one.
    What previous gangs/squads/companies you have been in?:
    OC member-Deleted
    BloodZ HQ-I left since 4 of them got banned for the use of trainners.
    Tuga Thugs probationary-I left to help BallaS out since they created it.
    Why have you left the above?: Explained above.
    What the groups are you currently a part of?: GXT.
    Previous server bans and reasons (include links): N/A
    In your own words, explain who we Ballas are: They are an african street gang located in Los Santos they are involved in gang wars street violence prostitution gang realated killing murded, drug trafficiking weapon operation arms smuggling sabotage and degradation.They are easily recognized due to them wearing purple colour,respresenting their gang.

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