San Andreas Fire Department

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    Discord server:

    We fight...

    ...what you fear!

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    About San Andreas Fire Department:

    The San Andreas Fire Department is the organisation existing of 3 county districts in Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. We also have two more stations in other towns which are Bone County and Red County. We're assigned by the San Andreas Government to take care of the civilian's safety and well being in terms of non-living treats.

    Of course, the first thing you think about is fire. Wherever there is fire there is SAFD, true. But besides that, we also do a lot of other work you may not expect us to do. Think of floodings, people being stuck, rescue operations in combination with the coast guard, environment controls, gas leaks, wrecks blocking roads, and if necessary we get cats out of trees.

    Nowadays you can find us in-game with the green tag-color, driving around San Andreas, waiting for calls and responding for them in our red firetrucks or other emergency vehicles. We have five different spawns around San Andreas and they are:

    • District Chief: Only for HQs and exceptional personal, has an invitation panel and access for more chief vehicles.

    • Chief spawn: Only for Battalion Chief, has access for more vehicles than the firefighter spawn.

    • EMT spawn: Spawn used by SAFDs who've proved to be able to RP as a medic, only used when SAM is not attending.

    • Firefighter spawn: Full firefighters, access to almost all vehicles, has an option to place fires and to the roadblock panel.

    • Probationary spawn: Probationary firefighters, access to most vehicles, just a bit less fire extinguisher 'ammo' and has an option to place fires.

    SAFD has been founded long ago, back then called as BCFD. So its origins lay in Bone County, from then to now, the group has grown from a single base with 4 vehicles and no special abilities other than a skin, to one of the biggest role-play groups on the server with multiple bases around SA, with a wide range on vehicles, a roadblock panel, a fire-spawn command, a well organised rank structure, a huge forum section and an own application system. All people who have played a mentionable role in this process are listed below.

    Note that with the privileges, we have to handle strict rules and severe punishment on violations of these.

    So, we also call out to the public, in order to keep our organisation clean of rule-breakers and to improve RP opportunity and joy for both SAFD and the general public: if some SAFD is seen using his abilities for things it's not meant for, we kindly request you to PM one of the HQ members, with explanation of the case and screenshots or anything else that can be used as proof. Thank you in advance.

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    How to get in?

    Lately the interest in SAFD has grown a lot. And of course we're very very glad about that. On the other hand we regret we're not able to fulfill everybody's wish to join, still we try to offer as much role play as possible in all different ways of the word.

    Our new recruitment system has changed a lot lately: After some time of building the new recruiting proceed, We are proud to present the Fire Academy of the San Andreas Fire Department.

    There is a formal proceed of joining the Fire Academy of San Andreas Fire Department, the proceed is built from two main parts which are the application part, when you're asking to join the academy with the right format, in this part you need to fill the documents about you - there is also a medical questionnaire. After filling all the documents, you should add two passport photos of your-self (colored). The second part is the 'scanning processes', this proceed splits for four parts. The first step of this part are the physical tests, in this part you will be tested by the instructors of the academy. The next step is to check your physical and technical skills, this day will check how you work as team as-well. At the third step, we're moving back to your documents and checking the medical information that you've filled in, you will be tested and asked by a doctor about your documents. The last part of the second proceed is the testers / instructors / chiefs committee, there they will discuss about the applicants for the academy. The third part of the whole proceed is the course itself - finishing this course will give you an official fire fighter diploma of San Andreas Fire Academy (and San Andreas Fire Department fire fighter).

    Note that the SAFD members themselves have the influence on who to pass. So don't blame us as HQ.

    Our HQ members (see below) are the only ones able to give you an official result.

    If you are denied, please take it and move on, also that way you show yourself worthy for our organisation. Follow the instructions given by the SAFD HQ.

    Asking to join will still not work!

    Happy applying!

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    As said before, strict rules are being handled!

    1. Read F1 and follow those rules (dรปh).
    2. Lights and Sirens are only permitted when responding to a call, if you use them when your not on duty you will lose your rank.
    3. The vehicles are only to be used for calls (except the Chief Ranger, which can be used for fire prevention) if you want to go somewhere use your own car.
    4. Follow the orders of higher ranked members.
    5. Follow the protocols at any time.
    6. Do not use the cannon on the truck for vehicle fires. its lame.
    7. Wear your tags when spawned as SAFD ([SAFD]name<rank>).
    8. Do not choose side when you're attending a criminal vs cop situation. Focus on your work.
    9. If access, do not abuse the SAFD panel.
    10. Make sure to have a wanted level below 5 when on duty (preferably no wanted level at all).
    11. If on fire, don't run around, you will be only spreading the fire.
    12. No DMing with extinguishers.

    Breaking these rules will cause punishment depending on the mistake, and can vary between warning and permanent kick.

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    This is the official roster of the San Andreas Fire Department. This is getting updated as soon as it is needed and it will be done right away. The roster is alphabetic so searching your name will be easier, as it is filtered on your first letter of your SAES name.

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    Chief <Ch> (1/1)

    Laza <HQ> - Active - l4ki1

    Assistant Chief <Ac> (1/1)

    Ramos <HQ> - Active - kostanjevec12345 - RS3

    Advisor <Ad> (1/1)

    Buddler - Active - buddler - EMT

    District Chief <Dc> (2/3)

    Toolbox - San Fierro - Active - toolbox - RS3

    J.English - Las Venturas - Active - johnnyenglish

    Battalion Chief <Bc> (2/3)

    Riley - San Fierro - Inactive - rendor123 - RS3

    Crash - Los Santos - Active - masterkillier

    VACANT - Las Venturas - VACANT

    Captain <Cpt> (3/3)

    MrTheBank - San Fierro - Active - mrthebank

    Ntruder - Los Santos - Active - muric123

    Reggi - Las Venturas - Inactive - xr3gg1x

    Lieutenant <Lt> (2/3)

    Soulfly - San Fierro - Active - kaptan44

    VACANT - Los Santos - VACANT

    NORI - Las Venturas Active - nori999

    Engineer <En> (2/3)

    Ferthis - San Fierro - Active - ferthistheking17 - RS3

    Bas - Los Santos - Active - bassewass

    VACANT - Las Venturas - VACANT

    FireFighter <FF> (11)

    Bozi - Los Santos - Inactive - dembo - EMT

    ItsMe - Los Santos - Active - guyfusfus - EMT

    Zei - Las Venturas - Active - ahmed007007

    TaJ - Las Venturas - Active - taj125

    SAES>ZeKinG - Los Santos - Active - zeking

    Bidrift - Las Venturas - Active - Bidrift9966

    Bangas - Los Santos - Active - jmyx - RS3

    DJO - Los Santos - Active - jaas3r

    Bones - Las Venturas - Active - barryb

    SAES>nicus - Las Venturas - Active - nicus

    Howlze - Las Venturas - Active - howlze

    Probationary Fire Fighter (9)

    Qweezy - San Fierro - Active - qweezy331 - EMT

    Batuhan - San Fierro - Active - seattle31

    Richard - San Fierro - Active - richardthekiller

    AntiRug - San Fierro - Active - AntiRug

    Ramby - Los Santos - Active - ramby

    Each - Not Choosen - Active - each

    Malteser- Los Santos - Active - nielsie1997

    Glayd- Not Choosen - Active - pasha656

    Shadro- Not Choosen - Active - shadowr

    Honorary Members (19)

    SAES>RonSeal <HQ> - (ronseal)

    SAES>Magnus <HQ> - killer89

    SAES>Martijn <HQ> - (killer-007)

    SAES>BMaster <HQ> - (baffousam)

    SAES>Royalty - (royalty)

    SAES>KinG - (king54)

    SAES>Jason - (jayykayy)

    SAES>Mega9 - (mega9)

    Vulture - (vulture)

    Tim260 - (timmoto)

    NextRoman - (poiuyt)

    Trident - (tgoossens)

    Markus - (apocallipto)

    Yannick - (yannickboy15)

    Nara - (niella)

    Asaf - (asafkatz123)

    Kakush - (thepilot)

    Sahin - (kaganthekiller)

    Marko - (blackflage)

    (EMT) = Medical Division
    (RS3) = Rescue Squad 3

    Total members: 34.
    Inactive members: 3.

    People marked with red * - are the ones with the warning

    Roster is getting updated once it is needed to be done.

    These ranks are here to keep order within SAFD. Promotions are not given by application or test, but only by showing activity, skills, dedication, and having fun. Being member of any other group of being a former member of SAFD/BCFD, won't get you in a special place within the SAFD rank structure.

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    Medals, Rewards, and Special Status' of the SAFD:
    Ex-Chief Medal:
    alt text
    Awarded for being a Chief (HQ member) within SAFD and honoured for all the effort put in during their time with us.
    Only for non-operational Chiefs.


    Veteran Loyality Medal:
    alt text

    Being active, functional, and important for SAFD for a long term. Knowing SAFD from the inside and outside. True Veterans, the men we can count on.
    (All awarded crew is in possession of both the Bar of Honour and the Veteran Loyality Medal)


    Bar of Honour:
    alt text

    Awarded after special deeds of honour in favor of SAFD, after extreme effort for SAFD, serving SAFD with loyality for long term, or after fufilling special tasks within SAFD succesful. The rolemodels of every firefighter, honoured by the SA citizens.
    (Note: Only the crew without the Veteran Loyality Medal are mentioned here)


    SAFD Special Honorary Members/VIPs:
    The highest honorary rank achievable in SAFD. Having played a major role in SAFD's history. Being in possession of all three other awards. Officially awarded by the President of San Andreas.
    (Only non-operational crew)


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