[REJECTED]Freezoom's Seaman Application

  • Part I: Personal Information

    Real name: Mert
    Gender: M
    Age: 16(17 soon)

    Part II: In-Game Details

    Nickname: Freezoom
    When did you start playing on SAES:RPG: 2013-2014
    Current organization and rank: SWAT 1 LVL
    Current server groups and your role in each one:
    Government-Ministry of Labour Manager

    Part III: Roleplay Application

    Name: Jack_Steward
    Nationality and country of origin: I’m British but I was born in the United States of America
    City of residence: Los Santos
    Born in: San Fierro
    Age: 25
    Martial status: Currently Single
    Education: I finished my cops education 1 years ago
    Profession: San Andreas Police officer
    Have you committed any crime before? No sir
    Do you have any eyesight issues? No I don’t
    What can you offer to The Desert Eagles Navy? Well I’m mature and loyal guy also I’m in tactial squad,I can do teamwork with my other mates also I'm a disciplined person.I’m always listing leaders and high rank members
    Contact Details(Address, Contact No.)
    Address: 5_verona_apartments
    Phone: +5 241-672-910
    What is your Social Security Number? 2145-278-15
    List your Employment History:
    My first job was at the Burger Shot, I worked there for few months and left after I gathered some spare cash.
    after leaving Burger Shot I went to the San Andreas Police Academy with my cash that I gathered and I was able to go study.
    3 Years later after getting my Cop Diploma I went to the Las Venturas Police Department and I was recruited as a Cadet, and than worked there for 2 years.
    After spending 2 years in the legal system of LVPD, I had to retire because the Chief was taking huge bribes from the local gangs and was telling us to do nothing to them.
    List any previous Military Service History:
    I was taking MCC trainings also I took few trainings that DEMA Hosted as Civilian.
    What are your job Interests? Well I can fly any plane / military plane perfectly, so from that once I will be in Naval I want to join the Naval Airforce.

    Part IV: Roleplay Story

    Write down a story about breaching an enemy vessel in amidst of sea [450 words]
    The sun raised up from the deep in the seas and the morning began, it all started with a beautiful morning me and my unit Navies-12 we were having a regular patrol on the seas of San Andreas until at 8 hours o'clock we were given an information that an unregistered and unrecognized Container ship was moving towards the San Andreas national sea border, and all the units were launched from their Patrol stations to do a lookout at the container ship and be ready once it will cross from the International sea border to the San Andreas sea border.

    After some hours in the afternoon exactly at 16 Hours, the weather has begun on being much rougher and really extraordinary, waves started to become, wind and a really rough fog that was closing down the sea. we already had some information about the vessel, It was a Cuban ship that was moving a load from Cuba to the illegal depot in San Andreas, we had one issue and it was that we didn't know where it is going to drop its load.

    Around at 17 hours and a half o'clock, our unit and the commander started on preparing the attack, our plan was to reach the boat From the Southside of it, using the Fog that was created due to the extraordinary weather, after reaching the Southside of the vessel we knew due our checks that there is an Emergency entrance from it and we could break into really quietly, luckily the RHIBS (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) that were manufactured that year we're really quiet and it was really hard to hear them and also the weather helped us again, but there was one downside from it, there is chances that the waves will kick our boat and change it navigation from time to time.

    The time is 19 o'clock, all our Rigid-hulled inflatable boat's we are set and ready to move, we all got up on gear and were ready to move on with the plan that we have planned earlier with our commander, we joined the classified radio station to be always in conversation with them and they will be able to give us information at all times.
    We started moving towards the vessel and as I expected the rough winds and the waves always bounced our RHIB really powerfully but it was also useful because we got to the vessel in no time.
    As soon as we reached the Southside of the vessel we began on opening the Emergency door, we successfully broke the handle with a really strong heater and broke in, as soon as we entered we started to hear Spanish loud shouts, My unit mate knew some Spanish and told us that they noticed our ship and suddenly an alarm started to break all around the vessel and in the situation we knew that our cover was broken.

    The commander told us to change the gun safety to OFF and be ready to shot every unrecognized person that was holding a weapon, and our plan was moving towards the Captain's room and stop the ship from moving on and let the other units to come as quick as possible, we were 5 gives going in front and other 5 guys that were watching out 6, we moved slowly but carefully, there were few attempts on ambushed at the corners of the ship but we successfully defended ourselves and eliminated them after 5 minutes into breaking the ship around the middle of it we were ambushed by a Cuban guy with a gun and he shot our mate into the chest, we successfully killed him but our mate fainted due the shot and it took him some minutes to get back into himself, luckily the shot didn't go through the vest but just gave the mate a little bit of a trauma into the chest.

    *15 Minutes after breaking into the vessel - this operation felt like its never going to end and like it was taking hours, at this time we started on moving upwards in the staircases and due to the Information we knew that we were reaching the "bridge" and where is the commanding officer of the ship is located and the same place where we can stop it, once we reached the "bridge" we had some shots fired here and there but we successfully managed to kill them and force them to surrender, we forced the commanding officer to stop the vessel.

    *40 Minutes after breaking into the vessel - The vessel was fully stopped and anchored, all the other navy units successfully breached the ship and killed/forced the other enemies to surrender, after breaching into the ship's containers we found a lot of Russian illegal weapons and also packets of drugs and in that point, we understood what we prevented from coming into the land of San Andreas, and in that point, we understood that our mission was really successful.

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  • San Andreas Naval Fleet

    Greetings, Sailor @Freezoom

    This is to inform you that the Navy HQ reviewed your application and were not able to find it meeting our standards therefore your application has been rejected.

    You may re-apply in 2 months, good luck.

    alt text

    Admiral Gerald
    On the behalf of Navy & DE HQ