Player anims for a game I'm working on

  • Started working on a platformer game last year with a work friend, I've been designing the player and I did all the animations. Curious what people think, really just want to show them off to be honest because i've been working on them for months. No worries, I can take the criticism so speak you mind.

    Some notes: The guy is grey because we use that data to switch the color palette of the game as you move through levels.
    I have to keep the art simple because he is smaller on the screen and fine details get lost then.
    He is a farting arcade robot that uses a drum machine to speak.
    The game he is in is going to be similar to cuphead in our development process, but at this time gameplay will probably be close to sonic or mario. oldschool.
    Also I'll post the prototype soon(tm)

  • theres garth and all his animations, no attacks and landing animation yet, but im curious if people can find visual bugs, and to see how people think the controls feel.

    please note there is an unsigned exe in the link download, this is just a development build with Unity, so if you have antivirus it may through a warning.