Scammed by @Rikki

  • the case is very simple, we played 1v1 GT and we had a deal which was the following: He was going to have to pay 100 millions worth of cash in game if I'd win and I had to pay him 130m in case I lose. So I won him 3-2 as we were playing first to reach 3(best of 5) wins gets the price. And he started bullshiting here is the proofs.

    [2020-03-01 14:44:48] [Output] : Local: AnusDestroyer: i win i get 130m
    [2020-03-01 14:44:48] [Output] : Beauty: go home
    [2020-03-01 14:44:49] [Output] : * [TT-H]Lopez killed SHIELD|Snoopys|R. (AK-47)
    [2020-03-01 14:44:49] [Output] : * RoBen died.
    [2020-03-01 14:44:51] [Output] : Local: AnusDestroyer: u win 100m
    [2020-03-01 14:45:01] [Output] : Local: NavM|Petrow: ok
    [2020-03-01 14:45:03] [Output] : KPOP_LOVER[1312]: ok
    [2020-03-01 14:45:05] [Output] : Local: AnusDestroyer: party
    [2020-03-01 14:45:06] [Output] : [TT]candi[1312]: tappa tahad refugeesi?
    [2020-03-01 14:45:07] [Output] : You created a party with ID: 12. Use /chathelp to see all the commands! max players: 15
    [2020-03-01 14:45:09] [Output] : You have sent a invite to AnusDestroyer
    [2020-03-01 14:45:09] [Output] : ETF|Martin<CoS>: Jes
    [2020-03-01 14:45:13] [Output] : CHAT NOTIFICATION AnusDestroyer joined the party!
    [2020-03-01 14:45:14] [Output] : (P) AnusDestroyer: kill me
    [2020-03-01 14:45:17] [Output] : * NavM|Petrow killed AnusDestroyer. (Combat Shotgun)

    He started saying that the deal was to sell me his house in GT for 100m if I win. Here is also him saying that I was going to have to pay him 130m if he'd won. like wtf HAHA

    [2020-03-01 15:17:17] [Output] : (P) NavM|Petrow: so if i lost i had to pay 130m? but if u lose i need to buy ur house for 100m
    [2020-03-01 15:17:18] [Output] : * U|Perro|IZC killed Mr.Negritou|IZC. (Grenade)
    [2020-03-01 15:17:18] [Output] : * Mr.Negritou|IZC killed U|Perro|IZC. (Grenade)
    [2020-03-01 15:17:18] [Output] : * [AA*]Clayson killed [AA]Avanger|IZC. (Sniper)
    [2020-03-01 15:17:20] [Output] : (P) NavM|Petrow: how does that make sense
    [2020-03-01 15:17:30] [Output] : (P) AnusDestroyer: why not

  • u missed to add this to your logs...
    alt text

  • Get a middle man next time

  • nice one @SNome I was banned for a similar thing, someone repoted me after i scammed but it didnt get ignored and admins were on the case. It is funny how im being throwen away and ignored no matter what I do and what rights i have due to my past

  • It's quite simple petrow get someone to middle man and you won't run into any problems

  • there was no middlemans while I hosted the event in that day and i scammed, however the victims reported me and the admins started investigating the case very fast. I am not sad nor pissed, what really bothers me is this guy's dignity

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  • okay, lets start from the beginning ! as u can see that i've posted the logs that says 'want 1v1 for GT house' and as u can see he accepted after! and the deal was if he wins he buys my house for 100m if i win he buys my house for 130m so he get 30% discount ! i think he miss-understood that and after he won he wanted me to Give him 100m ! instead of buying my house for 100m ! i tried to talk with him peacefully and was like 'u fucked yourself and u'll be banned'... so i said all of that to admins in-game and i thank em for being patient and understood me ! (ive all proove needed) so in this case we both had a problem of miss-understand eachothers

  • man listen I am sick and tired of your trashtalking already, you know who is right and who is wrong, you changed the rewards of the winner once you lost, as u want to lose as least as possible which I understand very good. Just come clear and it might end up fast and easy for both of us, thanks

  • how am i changing the reward after i lost ? dude didn't u see logs ? i said before we even played 'want 1v1 for my GT house' and you said 'yes'

  • so give me 100m or your GT house, either way i am okay, you said you lose you give 130m, I lose u get 100m. its all in the logs no need to lie and bulshit, i dont wanna lose anymore energy on this bulshit i will let the ''ADMINS'' handle it

  • man man u see how u miss-understanding ? i said i u win u buy the house for 100m or if i win you buy the house for 130m !!

  • I guess it sucks to get scammed during an event, huh petrow?

    As stated in the rules we wont necessarily actively investigate claims of scamming, the evidence you've laid out here is far from conclusive.

    In future use a middleman, preferably someone who can properly articulate their words so you both know what you're supposedly playing for.

    Report closed, we wont be taking any action on this report given the evidence (or lackthereof) provided.