Adminjailed by @Daryl

  • I'm spawned as a criminal as always to have some fun with my friends. And they asked me to help them in their Bank robbery at Bone County. But there was an ICE member called (Tarakudo) chasing me from the beginning until I reached the bank. So while I am entering to the bank, I throwed a grenade in the marker just to make this Ice afraid (Btw I have knowledge about all the server rules and I'm not new here or I looks like a retard I have a long experience in the game, so I was sure that the grenade won't be bombed anyway and as I said just i put it to scare him). So when I entered to the bank I saw Daryl getting in with me (he entered with me) and boom after a moment I got the adminjail and the reason was throwing grenades in the marker xD I think it is so funny to make this as a reason no? Anyways the grenade didn't bombed so they are alive both of them and I talked to ICE about that and he said no woriies mate nothing happened.Btw there is no rule says thaat i havent the right to throw nades in the marker bank (and i hope that you dont say its marker kill because the nade never will be bombed in the marker and of course you know better the rules) I am really surprised how an admin can sort an adminjail like that without even talking to me..

  • As you admitted here you threw a nade in the marker, it was your third time doing it for that bank rob, on one occasion it caused cars outside to explode damaging people entering and exiting the bank.

    As explained to you in game, you cannot DM people in the marker during a bank robbery. This includes intentionally blowing up the vehicles outside to damage people in the marker.