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This topic is made for informational purposes for the citizens of San Andreas.


Minister of Health: Calvin Perez, Markus (kalevipoeg)
Staff: N/A
Date of the appointed Minister: 25.02.2020 by the Vice President, Joshua Watson

The Department of Health specializes in making the healthcare of the citizens in San Andreas better. Alongside that, we work with the Law Enforcement and try to make their lives better and easier in order to work and save the citizens.

We want to make sure and need that the people feel safe living in San Andreas and we also want to be interactive with the people and hear their voices more since it wasn't done in the past. This means, public speeches will be held and the people can talk there and express their opinion as much as they want.

We also plan to make more hospitals, fire departments, and police departments. Also bringing in more entertainment-related places.

This topic will also act as a news feed.