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United States Department of Justice

The department is responsible for investigating cases of financial fraud, representing the United States government in legal matters and the administration of the federal prison system. He is also responsible for assessing the behavior of law enforcement and local police forces.

The state office of the State of San Andrés is in charge of the prosecutor Mr. Juan Guaido. Our main objective is to fight corruption and reduce the crime rate, we work together with other state public security agencies and all government branches.

Our San Andreas state department has a direct line with 3 departments and squads, which receive direct orders from our ministry to carry out legal / operational actions against crime. Just as they provide important information to our department and take immediate action for the protection of integrity and public order in the region.

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The FBI is in charge of the region's criminal and information investigation center
The ICE is responsible for international immigrants, as well as the fight against drug trafficking
The Homeland Security Agency is a deputy government department, which works with us and provides important data to our department

To communicate with an anonymous line of complaints, you will have guarantees from the witness protection department, you can contact the Prosecutor and Minister of Justice "Juan Guaido @LAPD_Spanish_VEN", security is our priority

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