• SAES indeed needs some variety in order to keep the current players alive. From personal experience I'm sure most players are bored from the current lifestyle of SAES:RPG. Storey robery, Vip, bank roberrie, that's what it is like everyday. And here the common denominator is the ones that regularly play on the server and/or have played for years. I saw that there are some pending [unsolved suggestions] since like a year or two. But not much attention is paid into some of the suggestions that actually look cool and players agree to be added in the server. There is no one that can tell me that he is happy with the current gameplay of SAES:RPG

  • Influx of new scripted events on the server depends on the amount of persons creating scripts and their speed/quality of work, as well as developers who have to review and give feedback on those scripts before even considering implementation. Unfortunately there is not much on that front that we can do; we can not decide how many people will be interested in scripting for the server, nor can we affect the speed at which they work or which project they will work on, it is not a paid job and those are volunteers. On the other hand we can also not affect the speed at which finished scripts are being reviewed by developers, they too are volunteers and spend as much time that they can/will.

    I agree with you that things aren't going as fast as they could or should, I just hope to explain why the situation is as it currently is and how little we really can do to change it, as it depends almost entirely on the amount and time/will of aforementioned volunteers. Naturally if you think that you've a possible solution, please make it known.

  • Yes, we all have to agree that there's pretty much nothing to do in the server. Although, I fully support the idea to add something new in the server, as I'm quite sure that this could possibly increase the amount of the playerbase, as well as increase the incoming donations.

    Well, as we all know, it's none's first priority to just sit in front of the monitor and start reviewing scripts, honestly, we shouldn't put the blame on anyone in that case, because we all have lives and once again, we all have better things to do, other then doing that.
    So, I've no idea if that's possible it's just an idea, so no need to attack me, but wouldn't it be okay if the SAES HQ manage to hire a coder / scripter (or actually 2, I have no idea), as the coder will be payed with the money that comes from the donations. This way, as new scripts could be added, the amount of players in the server would increase, so the donations would go up as well. In this way, it would make even more sense when donating to the server, because changes will happen.

  • -vip with timer (real dm fests with alot fun)
    -bringbackHR (simply better than sr, more dm fest & fun instead afk sr)

    i have zero clue about coding/scripting, if adding an extra timer for vip or bringing back hr circles instead sr is difficult/time consuming like adding new countrybanks.
    its just this 2 "little" suggestions can do alot difference with not soooo much work like adding de/clo turfwars or casino robs etc...

    @Cappo this was discussed somewhere once, sadly it wouldnt work that ez, its like ~60€+/1h & payed scripters needs learn the alrdy used codes or recoding whoole server with theyr way (something like this) also rip

  • @DROT I have zero clue about scripting as well, however I do not think it is my job or other player's job(non admin) to create new things for the server. It is entirely up to the current admins/developers to provide us with good gameplay conditions as it was in the past. Anyways If I knew how to script I would be glad to help you guys out especially with this subject. Unfortunately I am clueless.