Inaccurate warning by SWAT>Crash

  • Hello dear admins,

    Today I want to report SWAT>Crash for giving me an unfair warning for something that's allowed in the server and not having knowledge of what happened exactly.

    Yesterday U|douglass|IZC and I went to the Store Robbery (SR) as criminal routine, everything was normal but when we reached the SR it was probably 98% or 99% so I went completely ahead to defend the SR as the cops had the control of it, once we got there I didn't notice in the minimap that the SR was finished as I was focused on the situation and finding a good way to kill the cops to get the SR control, after that we were to some meters from the cops and I saw a lot of them rushing towards us and I threw a grenade to defend myself from them, I got in U|douglass|IZC's car quickly and we went away from them as they were way too many and we were outnumbered but everything was good until here, then we went to fix our car in front LS Pizza and then SWAT>Crash came to us.

    When SWAT>Crash came to us he told to U|douglass|IZC "why did you throw that grenade?" then U|douglass|IZC told him "what? I didn't do that" then I saw what was going on in the chat and me as Undisputed Command VL started handling the situation, I saw he was being blamed for something that he didn't do, he even told to SWAT>Crash "I don't have grenades on my hand" and SWAT>Crash kept blaming him, reached this point I noticed that SWAT>Crash didn't even see the situation and he could have warned my member U|douglass|IZC for something that he didn't even do, in this point I was pretty sure that SWAT>Crash didn't have idea of what was going on.

    How can you punish me by giving me a warning if you don't even know what's going on? you were not even sure who did it and you were blaming U|douglass|IZC for something he didn't do, and I want to clarify that my grenade didn't kill any police, it just did damage to some cars that were in the SR as there had too many cars there, I don't know if rules have changed but until where I know I can defend myself from cops when they're trying to chase me, I won't wait until they are 1 meter away from me to start taking actions against them as this would be an easy arrest, I felt a threat from the cops coming to me and I defended myself.

    If any admin wants to know more about this case feel free to contact me I can even provide proofs about it such as MTA Logs.

    Regards, Venom.

  • Hi Venom,

    Your report seems to be in two parts as you put it yourself, firstly for "an unfair warning for something that's allowed in the server" and secondly "not having knowledge of what happened exactly."

    Lets throw part 2 out the window, you cannot report someone for having a lack of knowledge, especially when action only came after you admitted guilt and after an effort was made to question you and ascertain the correct information. This is quite a silly add-on to your report and the dedication of two paragraphs to this element is unnecessary.

    Part the second, "giving me an unfair warning for something that's allowed in the server".

    The idea that nading a bunch of cops, including a paramedic, is allowed on the server when there was no activity and no attempt to chase you is inherently incorrect. The claim that nobody tried to chase you is backed up by a combination of chat logs which show cops talking to eachother in localchat while you threw your nade, and eye witness testimony. You can absolutely make the case that you thought the SR was still going on, but you were wrong. The fact you were wrong and the SR was not active, makes this something that is not allowed on the server. You being incorrect on the SR being there does not make Crash wrong. You're simply saying there was no malice in your actions, which we have no reason to disbelieve.

    This being said, the facts as they are, you threw a nade at a bunch of cops & paramedic(s) after an SR had ended. This is simply deathmatching and is not allowed. A warning is a very fair punishment for this, as Crash obviously did not think you did it intentionally but he also felt it necessary to make it apparent to be more careful - this is the very essence of a valid warning.

    Unless you can provide any evidence that the SR was still ongoing when you started deathmatching, the warning would stand as valid - and therefore your report would be invalid.

    With that in mind, no further action will be taken. We appreciate you taking the time to report this issue, should you need to query it any further please feel free to reach out to myself or System on discord.


    CS Leadership.