SOLVED Improvements within the radio in the vehicles

  • Well, as it's well known, people can use the radio and let their friends listen to the music, but that's as long as everyone is in the car. There are some things that in my opinion, should be improved.

    First, the music stops when the driver (the one that plays the music) gets out of it. In my opinion, that shouldn't happen, the same song must keep repeating, till the the driver changes it, he should also be able to keep reentering, though once people enter, they will be able to hear it straight away. I'm sure that this will be liked by everyone, because it's quiet annoying to have to reset the song every time you get back in.

    Now, the second one that seems a bit more difficult to happen. Well, it's something familiar with the admins' speakers, but that's a bit more different. For example, I'm driving my Picador, currently, just me and 1 more person can hear he ongoing music. Is it possible to make it like, familiar to the admins' speakers, yet with like 1/2 of the power of the speaker itself. Now, obviously, this might bring a lot of chaos, everyone will play their stuff, but first - if decided, that ability could be paid, second, if the driver gets out of the car, thus goes to a SR for example, the sound coming from the vehicle will go down with the time passing by, till the moment that he enters back in and gets the volume back to maximum. This way, there won't be weirdass musics coming from everywhere in JBs, SRs or wherever.


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  • I like the first idea, very simple yet would stop the annoying need of repeat the whole song just because you got out of the car to reach an ATM or a burgershot. About the second one I'm a bit skeptica since it could cause a lot of shit fest. I remember playing in a RP server where if you lowered your car's window down, people could listen a bit of what you were listening inside your car, but you had to be close to the vehicle, or else it would be like a faaaar noise. If that's the case, then yeah I'm down for something like that. If it is something like the admin radio but in a smaller area, I'd still think that's a bit too crazy, considering f.e a lot of people in LV X all of them playing something at the same time.

  • Moneydrain idea; Let players buy radios for a lump of money, so they can play music like the admins. Maybe put a timer on it, so it works as a lease. $5.000.000 for having a radio for 1 hour or whatever.
    Don't even start with the "bUt PeOpLE cAnT bEhAvE"-shit, as I know some of you will do. We have vehicles with swastikas driving around the map, it can't get any more out of control than that anyway. If people don't want to listen to it, they can turn it off in their sound-settings

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