RADIO ERROR: has failed to connect to stream! [HELP]
By Ramos, in Blackhole

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    why sometimes im able to connect the radio to the stream and sometimes im not? what's the problem here?

    IT HAPPENS, when I wanna play my own music in the car.

    I convert youtube link then i simply put it in the radio and this happens.

  • Switch to another station for a while and try again. It happens alot to me. There's also some outdated radios which their links are not working anymore. If everything fails, reconnect.

  • If you try to play your own music, and not use a radiostation, do you know how to properly do it? Are you aware that just setting the youtube link won't work? If not, you have to convert the url in order for it to work. There are plenty of websites that work perfectly for that. If you are aware, I myself used to sometimes get some issues with the custom URLs, and the easiest way to fix it was trying with another url.