[REJECTED]Richard's Seaman Application

  • Part I: Personal Information

    Real name: Mert Oğuzhan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Part II: In-Game Details

    Nickname: Richard
    When did you start playing on SAES:RPG: Somewhen between 2011 and 2012
    Current organization and rank: Fox Operations X, Level 2, Senior Field Agent
    Current server groups and your role in each one:

    • Sanandreas Police Academy - Private

    • ProCops - Police Officer

    • San Andreas Fire Department - Probationary Fire Fighter

    • Centrino Transportation - Logistics Department

    Part III: Roleplay Application

    alt text
    The mug shot that Aaron Hemingway owns

    Name: Aaron
    Nationality and country of origin: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    City of residence: Bristol
    Born in: Wolverhampton
    Age: 27
    Martial status: Single
    Education: Graduated from the University of Manchester, Solicitorship Department
    Profession: Solicitor
    Have you committed any crime before? I haven't committed any kind of crime ever
    Do you have any eyesight issues? I indeed don't
    What can you offer to The Desert Eagles Navy? I can offer all of my capabilities and qualities in a honourful demand with my stability. As said, my country comes ahead of my life, I surely can even risk my life for my country and my teammates. I can offer a decent personality within the team and ensure you a safe member for the team with my unique abilities.
    Contact Details(Address, Contact No.) +44 7911 413486 // San Fierro, 28th Jade Street
    What is your Social Security Number? 072-01-8291
    List your Employment History: Widdows Pilling & Co. ( Solicitorship Company )
    List any previous Military Service History: None
    What are your job Interests? Military & Military Court Departments

    Part IV: Roleplay Story

    Write down a story about breaching an enemy vessel in amidst of sea [450 words]
    An open-endless ocean that you can't even catch any further, some weird black colours on the surface that have taken a part of the sea under-control. An obnoxious smell that has taken the air around under-control.

    As coastguards were patrolling around and getting their daily routine done, they had noticed something that didn't go right. It was the ship that they had already signed them to stop but they didn't even bother slowing down. A few of the pirates from the crew started shouting.
    ''Aganta Burina Burinata!''
    The pirates started hitting the boat of the coastguards, as they started shooting, the coastguards mentioned their current condition and the situation that they are in through the radio shoutingly.
    ''San Fierro Coastguard Unit-108 to the Naval Fleet, immediate backup is required in the blip that is sent to your radar, immediate backup is required!''
    alt text
    After the report on the radio, Naval Scout team has started tracking the spotted ship. Meanwhile Naval Units had already started moving to the scene. The Scout ship was tracking the suspected ship and in the meanwhile they were keeping the Naval Unit noticed about any further suspicious movements of the ship.

    The Naval Forces had arrived at the scene, first of all they covered the suspected ship with Predators -each Preadator had 2 soldiers inside to control- and then they started warning them to surrender. After third attempt of convincing the crew, their Captain appeared and started shouting:
    ''Aganta Burina Burinata!''
    Naval Air-Force was already set at the scene and their(pirates) position was corrected by the soldiers in the sea. Naval Air-Force was also granting vision to the units in the air. The air unit announced on the radio that the weakest part of the ship is the front side. Units have started moving in the ship as they've already thrown rope to the fences of the ship. They climbed up and faced those pirates who were holding and aiming guns towards them. As all of the units were moving with a cordination and order, they slowly have thrown themselves to the corners where they could pick covers for themselves. With the help of tear gases and long ranged rifles, they have eliminated all of the pirates who were on the ship doing illegal activities in the sea. After the researches inside and outside of the ship, they have found illegal goods an weaponaires which were going to be dealt to merchants. The ship was also researched for any threats of explosives and victims. 6 victims were rescued by the forces and sent to the nearest hospital for check-ups. The ship was dripping a huge amount of substance which contains toxicity like sulfur, ammonia and phosporus to the sea, necessary placements in the services had been noticed by the units.

    P.S: The applicant had been a part of a gang before.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Application has been cancelled, expecting everything to be done in regards of this statement.

  • San Andreas Naval Fleet

    Greetings, Sailor @Richard

    This is to inform you that your application has been rejected, and that you have been blacklisted from the Desert Eagles, which may not be lifted. This is due to your unstability, lack of commitment towards the group and your general attitude.

    You may not re-apply.

    alt text

    Admiral Gerald
    On the behalf of Navy & DE HQ