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San Andreas Naval Fleet

"Non sibi sed patriae"

(Not self but country)

Dear Citizens of San Andreas,

The navy has its own mission, code of moral and readyness than the rest of the military org.

The Navy will manage its own recruitment and equipment independently from the rest of the military components of the Desert Eagles in order to increase its combat readiness.
A ready naval force will win conflicts and wars while maintaining security and deterrence through sustained forward presence.

In the face of current and emerging challenges, the Desert Eagles must renew its sense of urgency and speed of execution throughout the entire organization. The core values and accountability at the individual and organizational levels will shape a strong culture and help guide actions across San Andreas.

The Navy’s priorities center on people, capabilities, and processes. With readiness and lethality, it will be able to deliver these results with speed and precision.

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General of the Army SAES>Patrol
General SAES>Terry
Admiral SAES>Scorpyo
Air Marshal Hassoni
Colonel Absent