[Izanagi Clan Application] Silent.

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    Nickname: U|Silent,or Mr.Negritou.
    Username: hamoucha08
    Age: Im 18 tears old.
    Gender: Im male.
    Country of Residence: Algeria.
    English Proficiency: 7/10.
    What languages do you speak?: Arabic,Frensh&English.
    For how long have you been playing SAES: Since 2011/2012.

    What G/S/C are you apart of?: Undisputed Command.
    Current groups?:

    • San Andreas Studious
    • Invest Arms Corporations
    • San Andreas Pirates.
      Your rank in your G/S/C?: Full Member.

    What is IZC?: Izanagi Clan,It's a Criminales group wish based on kidnapping and selling arms&weapons they take care of bank robbing,robbing and looting stores.
    Why do you want to join?: Because i like this group ,nice teamworking,i wanna help to grow up also,I like to do Jailbreaks,I also like to do activities and post it into the media archive (quality roleplays/events/jailbreaks..etc).
    How could you benefit our organization? wit ha lot of things like by doing (hosting)activities like jailbreaks/roleplays/events/bank robbry assistance and post it finally into the media of Izanagi.
    Would you be active in posting in our media archive? Yea,I promise that.

  • Hello there Mr. @Silence0 !

    We appreciate the effort to develop the application towards Izanagi Clan.

    I feel like you can put more heart into your app., however, we will discuss you and your application across the High Table of Izanagi.

    Expect an answer soon.

    Co-Founder 創始者, Kybalion.

  • Are u still alive? @Silence0

    Expect an answer soon and be sure of getting in the activities!