So, during the suggestion about increasing the organizations(Gangs/Squads) rank-levels (levels on /gang), I suggested the idea of adding the ability to add a certain text to every level (As for now it's 0-5, can either be a rank name or whatever).

For example:

[Level 3 - Captain]

[Level 3 - OG]

There are many benefits out of adding that ability, such as letting a new member/player who joins a Gang or Squad, learn it's level structure way faster and easier, however having such a thing would make /gang look better (Might sound funny to some people, but yeah it will look better) and contribute to the feeling of "Roleplay" over Gangs & Squads, And of course, it will also contribute the hierarchy between every rank (Not only by numbers but having an actual rank name).

Increasing the organizations(Gangs/Squads) rank-levels topic: CLICK HERE