[SAS]MamiYo Appliction

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    Nickname: [SAS]MamiYo

    Username: Taher

    Age: 17

    Country of residence: Tunisia (Soussa)

    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: 2 Yaer

    Current organization: TST CDC C

    Current groups: @Black-Eagle-Security

    List the server punishments that you have received: Nope

    Tell us about yourself and your SAES career : Hello my real name is Taher and i live in tunisia and my real old 17 and i was traning in Footbal and i like games vedio And I love read a book and i love play League of Legends And im an Good active player in SAES:RPG

    2 - Rules check :

    Which division do you wish to join: Producer

    State 2 of that division rules:

    If you get caught making deals secretly from San Andreas Studios

    Don't be childish.

    Optional: Anyone recommended you to apply for SaS ?: @Colobria

    Post a picture of a camera to be considered. (in a spoiler):

  • Dear @Taher