Adminjail by #JohnnyEnglish

  • in PBR when i crack i take position also for shooting in case cops coming because the majority of crims is jailed so one player block me any time i mean i can't shoot when someone is in front of my face
    Maybe i damage him 3 time via an mistake and also for back from my face after all this he kill me ..
    simply i report him .. then Mr @JohnnyEnglish he came for give me adminjail reason fake report ^^
    i will not forgive u for that because it was not fair
    ( if u say about this report Dramashit don't be sad when i reduce ur respect ) ^^

  • Hey Kubreit,

    Apologies it took so long to respond to this report, we were just getting our ducks in a row prior to responding.

    alt text

    As you can see from the above attached logs, you attacked a player first, 3 times, they attacked you 3 times in return - you reported him for deathmatching despite instigating the issue by shooting him.

    Given the fact during your discussion with JohnnyEnglish you changed your story 3 times, the logs contradict your story and you have quite the coloured history in terms of punishments, it's been decided that the adminjail on you for a false report was legitimate.

    Thanks for your report, don't hesitate to bring up any queries around punishments in the future.