Report Bone / Teddy A magical land of guesses.

  • I don't have friends at HQ headquarters like the TT gang. Nobody will come when i please, they won't even listen to me, that's why I'm writing this topic.
    alt text
    I will start with this - I can safely wait half a year for UB, but I won't give up for calling me ''liar''.

    I was banned a few months ago '' for abuse of bugs '' by Bone / Teddy
    In my opinion, this ban was wrong without rational evidence, reason or logic. Unfortunately, the biased Bone (gave me a ban), Teddy dealt with my case.
    I was accused of using an error in the TT database (illegal passing through gates)
    I knew perfectly well that the biased Bone and Teddy who does not like me, will do anything to ban me. Bone followed me on the server while invisible (several times) and wait when i use any bug) - I think he had too much time, this situation took place several times. Do this is normal?

    I knew I had no chance. Finally Bone is / was in Hq Adminsitration. And Teddy is an Administrator despite his shitty behavior. So I was patient until Teddy and Bone get lost in their 'presumptions, adding facts, without evidence' - That's exactly what happened. πŸ™‚

    alt text
    (SS player TT)

    Teddy: I got a ban with the reason '' I entered a locked warehouse in the TT base and arrested the player - used bug and breaking the rules.
    The problem is that I didn't arrest anyone inside, I repeat from the beginning that the gate blocked me and I was half stuck in the ground.
    (TT player inside is near me) - safe and sound. You can see it on the map.

    Teddy and Bone got tangled up in their lies (my Bana reason has changed 3 times!). - The problem is that I didn't arrest anyone in the warehouse. TT player wrote in the first topic. - Player TT came out through the side gate and unblocked me from the gate, and I arrested him (in front of the warehouse, not in Ε›orek), which means I did it legally. Teddy maintains the last line of defense 'I'm convinced you used a mistake' - The problem is that he can't logically name what error. 1. Why would I use the bug to enter TT magazine and stand next to the player 2. TT? I can enter there legally ... -
    Yes I know a that tricks (our admin Teddy does not even know that by pushing someone gently with the vehicle, we will not receive stars)

    1. He mentioned something with the vehicle (which I always use as a shield). Only the vehicle is on the other side of the warehouse. (You can see it on the map)

    This is what a conversation with Teddy looks like:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    In my last topic 'sorry and please' I deliberately changed the subject for general reasons. Bone never once mentioned the `` bug I used '' - in his and Teddy's opinion. Strange? It's like someone hit an elderly lady at a pedestrian crossing. And the court did not mention this at the final hearing? And yet this is the main topic of the dissertation.
    Unless the court knows it's a difficult subject, for lack of evidence. And someone is to be punished for free.

    alt text

    (Additionally - a week before this situation I
    entered to the Cripz base (garage).
    I fell off the map and the game teleported me inside) I didn't arrest anyone. πŸ™‚ Players from the gang Cripz, scared me that they are recording video, but no one has the record, they did not publish it - because I did not break the rules. I behaved fairly, and as a reward such short people like Bone and Teddy lie about me and want to put the guilt in my hands.
    (I hit the gate, waited for Cripz players to return my car, which they kept inside sitting in it. - On ss, we also see a car that I use as a shield. πŸ™‚ He doesn't play a different role.)

  • Do you even want to be unbanned?