Klay Adminjail ....

  • idk if that can be count as report or Not .. but today i Got Admin Jail from (@Honer112 /@master /@Scorpyo /@SNome /@Blade ..) https://imgur.com/a/RL6B0DS
    Whyy ?
    Cus as they said most of them that they was spectating on me In Turf And see that i only arresting 1 side ...

    but No one of this 3 or 4 SAES members take SS for that Or have any proof
    Sooo they can be count only as SHIT SAES members As i already say in the game


    Okey @Blade be sure next time to Got Proof and dont let annoying people like Klay show u how SAES members Work With their Reports ..
    cus I can say that Most of that admins wass planing to punish me with fake report and that can be possible....
    remember: blade was say that i have 30 min to make my report .. soo i done with it .. and can be punished again for saying shit SAES Members In Forum ...

  • Hi Klay,

    I've removed your embedded picture because honestly, there is no need. Whilst you're obviously entitled to report a staff member, you should do so with a level of decorum.

    Throughout your post I don't see any evidence to contradict your reason for an adminjail, do you have any proof that you were not breaching this rule?

    I understand it's difficult to prove a negative but any evidence beyond chat logs would be ideal, if you have anything to back up your claims of it being a false adminjail.

    In the interim I will reach out to the staff and clan members involved to get a full picture of what happened.


    CS Leadership.

  • I'm sorry but who told you that we need to provide screenshots when we adminjail someone after specatating him?

    Do you realise how stupid it is having to proove something that you already know you were doing, to you??

    NO, you are not getting any proof, admins word is final.

  • Also your attitude here is shit so it can be assumed they were right to jail you.

  • Hi Klay,

    Just for the record and to close this off from a CS Leadership point of view.

    We reached out to the staff and clan members who were present at the time who have verified Honers version of events in full, stating that they are sure you were actively only arresting one side in a turf war. As a result of these testimonies and your failure to provide any evidence to the contrary, your report is invalid and the original punishment more than stands.

    If you find yourself in a position in future where you need to contest the validity of a jail or report, I suggest you do so in a manner which is less obnoxious and try to have evidence to contradict the punishment.