[SaS]LandShark's application

  • 1- Personal Part :

    Nickname: SAFP|LandShark|PO
    Username: landsharkppppp
    Age: 15
    Country of residence: Hungary
    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: I don't remember excatly, maybe from December 2017.
    Current organization: SA Federal Police
    Current groups: -
    List the server punishments that you have received:
    I got a few adminjails 1-2 years ago while i was a newbie, so i don't remember excatly. Maybe around 2.
    1/2 year ago, i got one for: Shooting from an unclimbable roof in a Turf war.
    Tell us about yourself and your SAES career : Well, I live and i was born in Hungary. I'm currently in a highschool. I like to play video games and soccer with my friends. I've joined saesrpg in 2017 or 2018. I was active for over a year, then i went to inactive for some months.
    Now I'm trying to get good reputation in the server, so i've decided to apply for SaS.

    2 - Rules check :

    Which division do you wish to join: Actor
    State 2 of that division rules:
    -, I'm not allowed to ask for my payment.
    -, Don't be childish.
    Optional: Anyone recommended you to apply for SaS ?: No one.
    Post a picture of a camera to be considered. (in a spoiler):

  • • Actor division Recruitment status CLOSED but we will open soon for new Recruitment keep eye on announcements

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  • @LandShark

      • You still didn't pass the application stage so you need to hang around more with SaS members and help us in activities.
  • @LandShark accepted