Removing HS in area around jail.

  • Greetings community,
    After some discussion within the round tablers I, with brophy´s advice decided to bring this up on foruns to know the community opinion about the removal of the HS.

    ->Removal of the HS around areas like Banks/SRs/Jail

    ->The often brought up argument when HS was suggested was that you can simply choose not to chase CLO as a cop if you don't want to deal with their HS. Which is not the case;

    ->DE will be there to balance things out with their own HS ability, but most of the time they're not there. You may attempt to put HLS into this calculation but that would be invalid as they do not have HS and their armour is ignored by CLO HS abilitiy;

    ->If DE appeared automatically as a counter-weight to CLO wherever they are then there would be balance indeed, however they are not NPCs and are not here to respond 24/7, and at many times they simply will not be present to combat CLO.

    Please be concious,
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  • this was faster then expected, clo/de has had the hs for now like, 24h?

    your tasers are like snipers, storm 1 clo with 3 officers and you've arrested him + you have de/hls

  • chill , it just got added

  • It just got enabled again recently after long time and you want to remove it again / change it. Hell no, 1312.

  • We do not kill people that are not chasing us, i can guarantee you that it's against the rules. Besides DE and HLS have made a good job so far cleaning Clos nearby jail they dont need headshot to arrest us lol

  • Barely 24 hours have passed since the re-implementation of headshot and there you go with a topic aiming to its restriction. Why don't you actually appreciate the fact that the players belonging to both CLO and DE have been quite more active and showed lust to play the game for the past day.

    Both groups are called, or at least, used to be called special for some reason. Let them freely have their reasons to be called and also feel special once again. As you can see not any sousse warriyor can join either one of these. Enjoy the fact that they are more active and your gameplay gets more challenging.

    Any cop would get gunned down as long as he would chase a criminal near the jail area, the difference now is that you may have a CLO sniping you, if that's the case, instead of spawning as warden spawn as squad member and snipe him down too, team up with someone else and arrest him. Easy as that, will he headshot both of you at once? most probably yes cause he has the skillset required, after some point you'll get him tho anyway with your taser. You clearly have more than enough tools to do your job flawlessly, tools that no cop had back in the day when CLO also had headshot, yet you keep on moaning more and more, it's actually absurd!

  • I get what you mean, but man.. I saw Henry, the Latvian trainee, ignore 2 CLOs by the jail. He went straight for the crims, arrested 3 of them before he was killed, and proceeded to hunt the CLOs afterwards. I don't know if he succeeded, but give it a chance.. At least be like Henry, he should set an example for all squadmembers. #TeamHenry

  • @Bangas DE / CLO can't use HS in BRs / SR's / Interiors . Brophy disabled it. So the only place where DE and CLO are using HS is the jail zone. I don't know why are you trying to arrest CLOs when DE's are there. Also don't try to solo-arrest CLOs call SWAT / report on radio gather ppl and do it.

  • Tbf? DE sucks, they're always unavailable or keeps crying via radio that they're training cadets and it's not their job, CLO members are always hanging around jail, so it's sorta not fair for us, the squads/officers.
    Also, it's only around jail, so no big deal tbh.

  • 1312 sO Op NeRf PLiS

  • Kinda true what many said in this topic it's something that got added like 24 H ago and it's something people ain't used to anymore give it some time and People will start to develop tactics to arrest them
    It's still early to make a call or make changes

  • Lmao, this topic nicely points out how poorly organised the cops are.

    First, as many other said, the hs has been re-added like 24 hours ago, or a bit more, yet as always, cops start moaning. I highly doubt that the cops realize how easy it is to be a cop, compared to being a criminal, all that is lacking for you is coordination and teamplay. Of course, when you see that it gets a bit tough, you mannage to just sneak away by the easy way, instead of facing what's currently happening and handle it. You have HLS/DE to help you, as in the meanwhile, official squads can regroup and surround the area instead of spawning as Prison Wardens and rushing in a pointless way.

    Yeah, now I will get the "but we are not enough to handle things like those" argument. Well, almost everyday, I see at least 1-2 new trainees that just joined the server, some of them speak English, some don't but they are usually the same nationality as some other Official Squad member. So, why don't you all try to actually do something to develop your squads, instead of moaning about stuff, you have legal speed, dogs, shotguns, (sniper) taser and nightstick that gets us in a box for 5 minutes, you obviously have more then enough things to use to fight the criminals, you can also get the trainees interest on you by hosting trainings, patrolling with new trainees and overally getting in touch with any new players.

  • @Cappo Well said, tigre.

  • Alright, as the current DE leader let me say this again:

    Desert Eagles is not the police, we are not a police group, we do not do the police´s job.

    Might sound harsh but it is the pure reality, we are the military, and most of the times we are busy doing operations, / rps or training's. Most of my DE members are new generation therefore they only been here after the HS was toggle-able and not 24/7 like in the past. But now we got it back Ok.

    I dont know what you guys actually expect from DE when we go there but i can tell you what we DE expect from you cops when we go there, DE does not have the ability to arrest any CLO member, we can only kill them, so once we go there and we take care of them the first time, it is your turn to take over the area and manage to arrest them after that, because they are going to keep coming and coming until they get arrested, and unless you manage to arrest them it is going to turn into a half war area where DE is only gonna be able to kill them.

    With this, i am obviously not saying that we are not going to attend any call, but it is really hard for DE to respond every-time there is a call for backup from SAPD. It is not that simple.
    (and i know most of my law enforcement partners might hate it)

    CLO, yes they have HS now, ok. What´s the big deal ? Long long ago cops used to actually see arresting a CLO member as a real challenge , am i the only one that remembers the old CLO pics with 20 cops behind them ? it used to be a challenge for us cops because CLO was the "very best " of the criminals, it was very satisfying to actually manage to arrest a CLO member.

    Now we are used to have everything served on a silver plate " hey i want that, like this and now " sorry to inform you but sometimes things in order to get them done you gonna have to fight, and you gonna have to put some more effort. In order to arrest CLO you must team work with other cops, like in the old times, going solo is obviously a possibility but also a suicide mission. If you are alone which can actually happen, just find another dude from other squads or just use the radio for backup.

    What Crash said is actually pretty dam right, people is not used to, give them time. For those old school cops who been here for many years it wont be that hard but for those who werent playing in the old days, you only need to get used to.

    I can presume of being a cop in the server since 2012 and never joined a gang , i can tell that it works, it is not that hard to arrest a CLO once you have some partners with you and use some intelligence. Yesterday 4 CLOs went to the jail area and we managed to arrest the 4 of them with only 4 SWATs.

    What maybe could be done is every-time you arrest a CLO member you will get x2 of money or maybe another thing... but already complaining regarding their HS is not a good start

  • "What maybe could be done is every-time you arrest a CLO member you will get x2 of money or maybe another thing..."

    Yes, please. I'd like to see this! And it makes sense... now that it's a bit more harder to arrest CLOs because of our HS... it makes sense to make our arresting reward higher. Make it x2 or x3.

    It's this possible, @Brophy ? What do you think?

  • I don't mind, to be honest, but I'd rather put it to the public and see what they think.

  • Rampage’s idea is really promising, is a good initiative to implement a good way of earning cash.

  • y double to moneys for clo arrest = more motivation to team & to arrest

  • @Bartman said in Removing HS in area around jail.:

    y double to moneys for clo arrest = more motivation to team & to arrest

    honestly this seem to be interesting as this amigo said

  • no